Carbon Fiber & Composite Handles & Grips

For those anglers that swear by handle tubing, we have everything you will need! We offer a variety of tubing material (Kevlar, composite and Texalium) and color options (in the Aluminum Powder Coated models), and also provide a wide selection of arbor and handle trim options so you can complete your assembly to your unique requirements.

10 Products

10 Products

CFX Composite Carbon Fiber Grips

Split-Grips, Fore Grips, Fighting Butts, Fly & Spinning
$9.95 to $32.95

Graphite Handle Trim

EVA foam butt caps and trim rings for Graphite and Texalium handle tubes, sold separately.

CRB Carbon Fiber Handle Tubing

Black, Blue, Gold or Red | 0.920" or 0.980" ID | 12" or 60" Sections
$11.95 to $69.95

Kevlar Handle Tubing

Feel the bite like never before with this stunning and functional 2/2 woven kevlar material.
$17.28 to $76.20

Pacific Bay Graphite Arbor 23" x 10mm

23" L x 10mm ID x 30mm OD

Pac Bay Molded Polyurethane Foam Grips

14 unique shapes | Foam core or Black Soft Touch finish | For spinning, casting and fly rods
$1.99 to $12.99