Spinning Reel Seats

Browse our wide selection of top brand name spinning reel seats including Fuji, Pacific Bay, American Tackle, Mud Hole for all your custom rod building projects. Whether you are looking for a comfortable aero grip, throwing live bait, or looking to hurl huge weights past the surf, we are confident we have a reel seat for your specific fishing application.

65 Products

65 Products

CRB Premium Graphite Spinning Reel Seats

Sizes 16-18mm | Black, Frosted Silver or Gunsmoke Hoods
$4.89 to $6.29

AERO Comfort Finish Reel Seat

This ergonomic spinning reel seat with palm support has a comfort finish that ensures a positive grip during long hours on the water and is excellent in cold weather conditions.
$14.94 to $15.38

Mud Hole PROJECT X Spinning Reel Seats

Available in size 16, 18 and 20.
$18.95 to $20.95

KDPS Quick-Lock Reel Seat Locking Nut

Use with cork or EVA grip material to create a reel seat locking nut hidden beneath your rod's foregrip.
$4.69 to $6.39

Fuji VSS Standard Versatile Spinning Reel Seat

Size 16, 16-15 & 17 | Black, Gunsmoke or Frosted Silver Hoods
$5.95 to $7.77

AERO Spinning Reel Seat [Uncoated]

American Tackle's most popular spinning seat, now in an uncoated finish.
$7.04 to $7.71

Graphite Slip Ring

Combine with Cork Grips Such as LS10A-200 to Make Tennessee Handles

Graphite Spinning Reel Seats

Graphite/nylon cushion insulates reel feet, preventing electrolytic corrosion. TiCH-Nickel Alloy plating process over stainless steel hoods to match the color of our TiCH coated guides.
$5.29 to $13.29

Fuji Threaded Barrel for SK2 Hoods SKPSN

Graphite threaded barrel for SK2 spinning and casting seats. Available in 16mm and 17mm sizes.

Fuji SK2 Graphite Hood with Graphite Nut SKSS

Graphite locking nut for SK2 spinning and casting seats. Graphite hood. Available in size 16 and 17.
$5.89 to $6.29

Fuji SK2 Spinning Body SKSS

Graphite spinning body for Fuji SK2 reel seat. Available in 16mm and 17mm sizes.
$2.79 to $3.05

Fuji SK2 Graphite Hood for BGKS Foregrip KSKSS

Graphite locking nut for SK2 spinning and casting seats. Fits inside BGKS foregrips. Graphite hood. Available in size 16 and 17.
$6.45 to $6.70

Fuji VSS Deluxe Versatile Spinning Reel Seat

The new Versatile Spinning Reel Seat designed by Fuji®, improves overall strength and performance over standard reel seats and can be used with a much wider range of reels.
$7.99 to $8.75

Mad Swirl Marbled AERO Reel Seat

16 Color Combinations | 16mm ID | 4.575" Length

Mud Hole Graphite Super Spinning Reel Seat

Size 16 | Black or Silver Hoods
$8.95 to $9.45