Rod Building Components By Brand

Mud Hole Custom Tackle is the world's largest supplier of custom rod building components in the world. We carry the widest selection of name brand components to build the custom fishing rod of your dreams. Simply put, if we don't have it, you probably don't want it. Browse our huge inventory of reel seats, rod guides, handles, grips, and accent rod parts and see for yourself.

1066 Products

1066 Products

American Tackle Spin/Cast Tops

Halide or Aluminum Oxide Ring | Black, Chrome or TiChrome | Ideal for light to heavy spinning/casting and heavy fly rods
$0.78 to $6.17

CRB Colored Silicone Winding Check

Premium molded silicon | Seamless construction | Flat front edge | 5 sizes and 8 colors

Rubber Winding Checks

Durable black rubber winding checks. These are the perfect go-to trim pieces for smooth transitions between grip materials and rod blank.

Overstock Cork Rings (.25" ID)

Cork Ring with 1 1/4" diameter, 1/2" thick with 1/4" hole

Rubber/Vinyl Winding Checks

Made of Durable Rubber/Vinyl Compound. Winding checks are useful for creating seamless transitions between rod blanks and grip materials.

Burl Cork Rings (.500")

Burl Cork Rings are used to make accents on custom cork handles. Available in Red, Green, Blue, Brown and Natural Burl.

1.25" OD x .250" ID x .500" Width

American Tackle Casting Guides

Black, Polished or TiChrome Frame | Halide Ring | Ideal for light to medium-heavy rods
$0.90 to $9.73

American Tackle Single Foot Spinning Guides

Black or Polished Frame | Halide Ring | Ideal for ultra-light to medium-heavy rods
$0.75 to $3.52

Fuji Concept Single-Foot All-Purpose Running Guides Model L

Titanium or SS Frame | SiC, Alconite, or Concept O Ring | 3.5mm - 10mm
$1.35 to $9.25

Fuji Economy Spinning & Casting Top P

Black or Polished SS Frame | Aluminum Oxide Ring | 6mm - 16mm Ring
$1.02 to $3.25

RingLock Medium Tops

5 Frame Colors | 6 Ring Options
$2.99 to $8.43

RingLock Light Tops

5 Frame Colors | 6 Ring Options
$1.63 to $5.70

Fuji K-Series Double-Foot Casting & Spinning Guides Model KW

Titanium or SS Frame | Torzite, SiC or Alconite Ring | 5-50mm
$2.17 to $106.25

CRB Arrow Drop Shot Hook Keeper

Arrow shaped hanger is excellent for housing smaller hooks, weights, and baits.

CRB XL Drop Shot Hook Keeper

Extra-large profile quickly stores and protects a range of larger hooks, plastics, and weights!

American Tackle Deluxe Hook Keepers HKD

4 Color Options | Small or Large | Anodized Stainless Steel
$1.94 to $4.65

Fuji Single-Foot Medium-Heavy Duty Stripper & Reduction Guides Model LV

Black or Polished SS Frame | Alconite or Aluminum Oxide Ring | 6mm - 30mm
$0.59 to $3.79

CRB Nano Micro Guides

Black, Chrome or TiChrome | Stainless Steel Frame | 1mm-3mm Ring
$0.95 to $1.15

Fuji Concept Double-Foot Medium Duty Casting & Spinning Guides Model MN

Titanium Plated or SS Frame | SiC, Alconite or Concept O Ring | 6-16mm
$1.50 to $34.99

Fuji All-Purpose Spin/Cast Top F

Titanium, Black, Polished or Gunsmoke Frame | SiC, Alconite or Concept O Ring | 4.5mm - 10mm Ring
$1.97 to $15.39

Black Hook Keepers BHK

Stainless steel hook keepers with Black finish. Available in small and large sizes.

Fuji K-Series Single-Foot Running Guides Model KT

Titanium or SS Frame | Torzite, SiC or Alconite Ring | 4-10mm
$1.67 to $15.39

RingLock Casting & Stripping Guides

5 Frame Colors | 6 Ring Options | For light to medium casting rods and fly rod stripping guides
$2.25 to $20.42

RingLock Fly Guides

5 Frame Colors | 6 Ring Options | For fly rods and micro spin / cast rods
$1.85 to $6.43