Choose your upgrades to configure the ultimate rod wrapping and finishing station

Power Wrapper/Dryer

Truly for the serious rod builder. Self centering chuck, multi spool thread carriage with tension device, ceramic line guide blade, 3 fully adjustable rod stands with ball bearing wheels, foot and dial controlled wrapping motor (can also turn cork grips), 45" indications on flywheel for diamond wraps, sectional 8' anodized aluminum base, spare parts also available.


  • 2-piece base
  • Self-centering chuck
  • Multi-spool thread carriage with tensioner
  • Ceramic line guide blade
  • 3 fully adjustable rod stands with ball bearing wheels
  • Foot and dial-controlled wrapping motor for wrapping rods and turning handles
  • 45° indications on flywheel for diamond wraps
  • 2-piece sectional 8' anodized aluminum base
  • 11 RPM drying motor for curing your rods
  • Available in 110v for North America and 220v for Worldwide use

Download the Owner's Manual (PDF)

Click here for spare parts

Choose Your Upgrades:

Upgrade Chuck

Upgrade your existing wrapper/dryer’s chuck with this deluxe 3-jaw self-centering chuck. Includes a sturdy all-metal fly wheel and 2 sets of jaw grips. This baby is built to accept larger O.D. blanks, so you saltwater anglers are covered. Also ideal for cork turning.

9RPM Rod Dryer

CRB developed its new RDS Rod Drying System with two things in mind, Value and Quality. The new RDS units offers Rod Builders a durable, easy to use drying unit that is perfect for novice and professionals. Plus a price point unheard of in the industry without sacrificing functionality. Each unit features either a 9 or 18 RPM Drying motor with 6' cord, form fitting chuck and one Dryer Support Stand.

EM-1 Automatic Epoxy Mixer

Use the new CRB Epoxy Mixing System for perfectly mixed, bubble-free epoxy. The EM1 features an 18RPM mixing motor with 6ft power cord, plug and switch mounted on a powder coated steel base, and non-slip foot pads. Will accommodate both the MC125 (2.5oz) mixing cup for larger batches of finish and the MXC1.0 (1oz.) mixing cup for smaller batches. The Stand also features a docking station for your brushes and mixing rod (Mixing rod provided and five 2.5oz mixing cups).



Brand:Mud Hole Custom Tackle