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5mm Running Guide

MicroWave™ 5mm Running Guide, Chrome Frame, Duralite Ring

Price: $2.16
Item # DCMW-5
UPC 099253089061
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This is an additional 5mm running guide for use with MicroWave™ line control system.

MicroWave™ Guides

Introducing the MicroWave Guide System by the American Tackle Company. Inventor Doug Hannon also known as “The Bass Professor” partnered with American Tackle to conceive, design and manufacture the perfect “line control” system for spinning rods.

The system addresses coiling-memory issues with monofilament but it’s ideal for braided lines and really something that has to be felt and seen to be believed. It provides noticeable advantages that standard guide trains cannot by combining science, practical application and custom rod building principles. Many long hours of theory, design & physical testing has resulted in possibly the most dynamic guide train developments to date.

MicroWave™ Advantages

Increased Casting Distance. Achieved by capturing and directing energy into forward motion maintaining line speed.

Reduction in Fatigue. Less force is required for casting using increased line speed because the blank will load and recover more naturally without inhibition from increased line vibration.

Increased Casting Accuracy. Less force is required for casting using increased line speed because the blank will load and recover more naturally without inhibition from increased line vibration.

Increased Lure Range of Rod. Using controlled energy, lighter & heavier lure weights can be used without rod blank materials compensating for lost efficiency.

Wind Knot Tangling Elimination. Converts "pushing line energy" through a guide ring into "pulling line energy" preventing line from traveling beyond the larger stripper guide ring not allowing it to override the frame creating wrapping or knot formation. “ And if that isn’t enough we utilize our brand new Snagless running guides out to the tip”. "Why use a stripping guide that's tangle free when you can use a guide that all but eliminates tangles and then employs snagless running guides for added insurance"

Only sold as complete sets

Set includes 1 stripper guide, 1 transition guide & 7 running guides (9 total based on a 7’ spinning rod, additional running guide available for longer rods). Also includes suggested layout measurements.

MicroWave vs. Standard 'Cone of Flight' Guides

Suggested MicroWave™ Guide Spacing

In order to ensure optimum performance using the MicroWave Line Control System, American Tackle has developed these guide spacing suggestions. While not required or absolute, these layouts have been tested to provide the advertised benefits.

NOTE: These layouts were developed for spinning rods with 8 1/2" rear grips and uplocking spin seat. Running guide adjustments may be required if different handle lengths are used. Static deflection recommended for running guide placements. Stripping guide/transition guide & reel spool distances should remain constant.

Rod Length 1st Guide 2nd Guide 3rd Guide 4th Guide 5th Guide 6th Guide 7th Guide 8th Guide 9th Guide
6'0" 2-1/4" (5.715cm) 5-3/8" (13.653cm) 9" (22.86cm) 12-3/4" (32.385cm) 17" (43.18cm) 22-1/2" (57.15cm) 29-1/4" (74.295cm) 40" (101.6cm) -
6'6" 2-1/2" (6.35cm) 6-1/4" (15.875cm) 10-1/4" (26.035cm) 14-1/2" (36.83cm) 18-7/8" (47.943cm) 24" (60.96cm) 30" (76.2cm) 37" (93.98cm) 46" (166.84cm)
7'0" 2-7/8" (7.303cm) 6-3/8" (16.193cm) 9-3/4" (24.765cm) 14-1/8" (35.878cm) 18-3/4" (47.625cm) 24-5/8" (62.548cm) 31-1/2" (80.01cm) 40-3/4" (103.505cm) 51-3/4" (131.445cm)
7'6" 3-1/4" (8.255cm) 7" (17.78cm) 11-3/4" (29.845cm) 16-7/8" (42.863cm) 23" (58.42cm) 29-1/4"
37-1/4" (94.615cm) 46-7/8" (119.063cm) 57-7/8" (147.003cm)
Measurements made from tip toward handle from tip ring to each guide ring.

MicroWave™ Guide Dimensions & Specifications

Model Ring ID Height A Height B Height C Weight
Foot Length
Stripper Guide 14.92mm / 4.46mm 28.75mm 43.75mm 46.70mm 3.1g 3.5g 14.89mm
Transition Guide 4.46mm 11.40mm 15.13mm 17.21mm 0.3g 0.5g 9.92mm
Running Guide 3.18mm 4.53mm 7.43mm 8.51mm 0.1g 0.3g 6.30mm

What is this system and how does it work?


The MicroWave Line Control System is a complete set of guides that act in conjunction to deliver performance benefits to a fishing rod’s cast. This system utilizes a unique double ring stripping guide where a larger ring captures the fishing line and a secondary ring instantly controls it. The controlled line maintains line speed and increases casting distance by eliminating the oscillating line movement caused when line leaves the spool of a spinning reel during a cast. Completing the system is a transition guide and snagless-designed running guides continuing total line control for the duration of the cast.

Does this system work with all types of line, including braid?


Originally the focus was on improving performance of stiffer lines such as monofilament & fluorocarbon due to their coiling memory. During development modifications were made to work for braided lines as well. Final testing has proven significant performance increases with all fishing lines.

Why are these guides only sold as a set?


Extensive research and development has been conducted to provide a “complete” system that will absolutely work. Design, sizing & quantities in the complete set ensure performance and function as advertised.

Can I buy each guide separately?


No, this system is only sold as a complete set of 9 guides intended for a 7’ spinning rod. The running guides can be purchased separately for additions to rod builds longer than 7’.

What are the guides used in the complete system?


The stripping guide is a 20mm/6mm ring combination, the transition guide is a 6mm & the running guides are all 5mm rings.

Do I have to use your guide spacing?


No you can use your own spacing or amend our spacing if you desire. Our layout is only suggested spacing. It has been proven to provide the advertised benefits. The most critical distances are from the spool to stripping guide-transition-first running guide. Our goal is to provide a complete system that is proven to work.

How do I use a 7’ layout on longer or shorter rods?


You can add running guides for longer rods and either remove or rearrange the running guides on shorter rods. The running guide placement is less critical than the stripping & transition guides.

What size reels were used to create the suggested guide spacing?


The layout was verified using 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 & 4000 size reels. It was geared more toward center spool height & angle as well spool circumference.

What is the line rating for these guides?


The practical line range would be for anything between 2-20# lines. The intended application would be for light to medium inland water & inshore applications.

What tops can be used with this system?


All development and subsequent performance testing was conducted using a 6mm Light Ring Lock top (NCRLLT, NBRLLT, DCRLLT, DBRLLT) although varying ring sizes didn’t hinder performance. Specialized tops are currently in development due out in the beginning of 2013.

Does this system reduce overall guide weight for the complete guide train?


It absolutely does, in every guide train configuration tested. Depending on which system used for comparison, the weight reduction is significant, in some cases more than 50%. Weight comparisons were conducted against standard Cone of Flight, New Guide Concept & the KR Concept guide sets based on 7’spinning rod design.

Are these guides available in titanium frames? And, are they available with PVD coated frames & rings?


Not currently. This system was designed with specific focus on overall improvement and replacement of the most widely used fishing rods worldwide. This includes primarily stainless frames in black and chrome configurations.

Is there only a spinning rod set available?


Yes, at this time there is only the spinning system on the market. The overall theory behind the MicroWave Line Control System holds true for any rod that casts. The future will bring dynamic new MicroWave introductions designed specifically to achieve total line control.

Do these guides cost more than a standard set of guides?


Depends on the set, if comparing to a set of “standard” guides, then yes - however, many guide set options cost quite a bit more than the MicroWave guides. The point to note is that there are no other comparable guides in existence making any price comparison irrelevant.

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