Titanium Frame | Nanolite Ring | Spinning & Casting


Nanolite™ Ring, Solid Titanium Frame. Suitable for 20-40lb. class rods.

VIRTUS – Latin for excellence and strength – is a best-of-breed guide series that offers unmatched performance. Offered in two frames: VIRTUS LITE for heavy freshwater and inshore rods, and the VIRTUS HEAVY for offshore applications of any kind. Lifetime Warranty.

The TITAN™ frame is made from the highest quality solid titanium alloy, specially manufactured for American Tackle Company to ensure the lightest and strongest material possible. The Titanium frame is 100% corrosion-proof in saltwater and has less than half the weight of stainless steel!



Application:Light Saltwater, Medium Freshwater
Ring Material:Nanolite
Brand:American Tackle Co.

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