CRB Custom Fishing Gaffs & Frog Gigs

Many rod builders are also starting to build their own gaffs and gigging poles. The process for selection is the same as selecting a fishing rod blank - ask yourself - what is the application? Do you need a short hand gaff, or one that will reach down over the boat? When you gig, do you wade and need a shorter length, or a longer one to throw from a boat? Browse our selection of CRB Fishing Gaffs & Frog Gigging product and pick out the one that is right for your application!

9 Products

9 Products

Custom Builder Gaff Blanks

Custom Builder Gaff blanks. E-Glass construction for exceptional strength and durability.  Available in 22" through 8' Lengths.  
    Gaff Hook Sold Separately
    $22.95 to $39.95

    Custom Builder Gaff Hooks

    316 Stainless Steel Gaff Hook
    $21.75 to $32.15

    CRB Custom Gaff Building Kits

    Length: 2ft or 6ft | Hook Size: 2", 3", 4" or 5"
    $44.29 to $71.26

    Wooden Dowel for Frog Gigs

    These 3/8" wooden dowels fit snugly into the tip of the Frog-10 gigging blank where you'll use a set screw to secure the Gig in place. 3-inches in length.

    Frog Gig Building Kit GIGKIT-6

    10'0" | 1-Piece | Fiberglass | 4-Tine Gig Head with Removable Tines
    $49.95 $64.16

    Frog Gig Building Kit

    10'0" | 1-Piece | Fiberglass | 4-Tine Gig Head
    $49.95 $64.16

    Flounder Gig Building Kit GIGKIT-5

    10'0" | 1-Piece | Fiberglass | 5-Tine Gig Head
    $49.95 $52.06

    Stainless Steel Frog Gig GIG-6

    All Stainless Steel | 4 Tines | 0.535" ID