Calcutta® - 50/100/150/151 Series Reels
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Calcutta 50               Calcutta 150

Since Shimano introduced the Calcuttain 1991, Shimano has made very few improvements to it. Not because their resting on their laurels, but simply because more advanced technology is just not available today.
Shimano channeled their energies into creating a full line of Calcutta's for all kinds of anglers and all kinds of waters. Each reel offers the exceptional smoothness Calcutta is known for, a highly functional yet uncomplicated design, and a more natural palm feel for endless hours of casting.
It's been seven years since Shimano brought the Calcutta to life, and the design, both aesthetically and functionally, has proven itself timeless. Even if you've found a way to wear out the one you bought in 1991, you can be confident that your new Calcutta will please you every bit as much as your first.

Model Number Line Capacity Gear Ratio Wt. (oz) Bearings Forged Al Frame Die-cast Al Frame AL Spool VBS Super Stopper
CT-50 5/260; 6/195; 8/130 5.0:1 7.4 3 BB, 1 RB  
CT-100 8/165; 10/140; 12/120 5.8:1 8.8 2 BB, 1 RB  
CT-150 8/165; 10/140; 12/120 5.8:1 9.2 2 BB, 1 RB  
CT-151 8/165; 10/140; 12/120 5.8:1 9.2 2 BB, 1 RB

Stock # Price Qty Add to Cart
CT50 $172.99
CT100 $160.99
CT150 $172.99
CT151 $172.99

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