See the Graphite USA blank in action!

GRAPHITE-USA's proprietary "Dual Helix" ply construction produces a rod blank that has outstanding resistance to both crushing and twisting when compared to the competition.

Mud Hole often bring a standard Graphite USA blank to shows with a label on the blank "please step on me". We lay the blank on the concrete floor and let the customers step on it, then jump on it. Below are pictures of the same blank being driven over by a full size Ford Bronco! You will not break this blank, yet it is as sensitive and light weight as the any blank made today. Put one in your hands and you will agree Graphite USA is one of the best blank built in America today.

Above - A far photo of the Bronco with the blank under the front left wheel.

Above - Getting close, you can see the blank under the wheel.

Above - A close up of the blank under the wheel.

Above - As close as you can get, notice the blank is still round, not oval shaped. The Dual Helix is what gives these blanks the great strength and the ability to stay round when under tremendous loads. Giving you more power when casting & fighting a fish. Yet with all this strength, these blanks weight about the same as a G-Loomis GL4 and carry great sensitivity.

GRAPHITE-USA's two advantages are readily apparent.

GRAPHITE USA's Dual Helix structure keeps the rod round when heavily loaded during casting or fighting a hooked fish. When unconventional blanks are subjected to heavy bending loads, they have a natural tendency to start to go oval because they lack helical reinforcement designed to resist these loads.
A rod that starts to ovalize is no longer as stiff as it was when round and will fail by buckling if the line pressure is not backed off. This problem does not occur with GRAPHITE-USA's Dual Helix reinforced blanks. In addition to the phenomenal bending strength,the Dual Helix construction adds extraordinary crush and nick resistance, making GRAPHITE USA's blanks the most durable on the market today.

GRAPHITE-USA's second major advantage is the outstanding resistance to twist imparted to the blank thru the Dual Helix design. When casting here are sidewise loads introduced when the fly line is moved out of the fore and aft vertical plane by winds or casting actions. These side loads during fore and aft casts will twist the guides of a rod that does not have Dual Helix resistance to twist. This twisting deflection is not recovered in the fore and aft casting stroke as casting energy but is lost. Torque loads from twisting rods account for much of the casting arm discomfort and lack of precise fly line directional control.

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