Fly Tying Supplies To Make Custom Flies

Whether you are new to fly tying, or a seasoned fly crafter, we have the materials, tools, and accessories you need. Knowing how to tie your own flies is greatly rewarded with more hook-ups and the satisfaction that you fooled the fish. We have what you need to create specialty flies to set your day on the water apart from others. Matched with your very own custom built Fly Rod, your hand tied flies will save you time & money and catch more fish!

121 Products

121 Products

Hemingway's Streamer Fibers

Streamer Fibres are great for imitating small or large baitfish. These fibres do not absorb water. Great to use for steelhead, salmon and pikeies.

Hemingway's Quick Descent Dubbing

QUICK DESCENT Dubbing A mixture with aluminum metal dubbing that sinks like lead, it’ll quickly become a favourite because it dubs so easily.

Danville Spiderweb Thread - White [100yds]

Used only for extremely small midge-type flies. This thread enables even the amateur fly tyer to make good-looking small flies. White only. 30 denier, 100 yd spool.

Danville Flymaster 6/0 Nylon Thread [200yds]

Our Flymaster 6/0 is a great all-around thread for most fly tying needs. Great for fly sizes 8-16. 200 yards per spool.

Fish-Skull™ Fish-Mask

$5.50 to $6.50

Fish-Skull™ Frantic Tails

Fish-Skull™ Frantic Tails are ultra-lightweight, bite-proof, synthetic fish-tails that can be used for almost any style of baitfish fly pattern or surface popper.

Wiggle Stone Body

Make realistic looking and moving flies.
$2.00 $3.99

Fish-Skull™ Flash Generator

The Flash Generator is made out of a extremely lightweight, flashy metal and can be used in different ways in fly design to generate a fish-enticing flash and to add a little weight to the fly.
$0.00 $3.85

Fish-Skull™ Senyos Articulated Shank for Steelhead & Salmon Flies

Greg Senyo of Steelhead Alley Outfitters has helped us design a new version of the Fish-Skull™ articulated shank specifically for tying Intruder-style and other modern steelhead & salmon flies.