Weaving Supplies For Rod Builders

Weaving is the process of using various types of thread to create intricate decorative patterns on a custom fishing rod. Many rod builders think it is far too complicated, but it is actually kind of easy to learn. While it does add time to the rod building process, the end result is well worth the effort! Let's get started!

15 Products

15 Products

Prizm Thread (150 yds)

Prizm Thread 150 yards

CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Layout and perfectly align decorative cross-wraps.

Visual Wrap Software - Digital Download Voucher Card

A Unique Crosswrap Design Software Suite | Download voucher card ideal for PCs with no DVD-ROM

Visual Wrap Software

A Unique Crosswrap Design Software Suite. Click here for more info and to see a video preview of the software in action.

Visual Weave Software

Create a weaving pattern for any image file on your home PC.

Renzetti Wonder Weaver II

New! This version of the Wonder Weaver is designed to be used where it is not convenient to use the left side tube of the regular three wheel model.

DVD - Advanced Weaving Techniques with Doc Ski

If you've ever wanted to learn how to create your own custom weaves, from start to finish, this is the DVD you've been waiting for.

Decorative Thread Wraps Book & Software Combo

Includes 'Decorative Wraps' by Billy Vivona and the world's only custom rod thread art layout & design program, Visual Wrap.
$129.95 $139.95

DVD - Decorative Rod Wrapping Vol. 2

New on DVD! Learn how to weave intricate patterns onto your custom rod with this video by Artie Hebert.

Wonder Weaver II Ultimate Weaving Combo Kit

Renzetti™ Wonder Weaver II | Visual Weave Software | A Guide to Thread Weaving for the Custom Rod Builder Book
$279.95 $325.85

Visual Weave Deluxe Weaving Combo Kit

Save $25 on this special combo package! Get the popular new rod weaving guide by Jim Upton and the world's only custom rod weaving pattern maker software, Visual Weave!

$129.95 $139.90