Masking Tape, Double-Sided Tape & Dispensers

Like most crafts, masking tape is used for a variety of things. Use it to build up a reel seat arbor, tack your rod guides for proper alignment, anchor your thread while constructing a weaving pattern, or use it as a temporary border when applying epoxy. All tape come in various sizes, or add a convenient dispenser for easy access and application.

7 Products

7 Products

RBS Rolling Triple Tape Dispenser

CRB 3 roll tape dispenser for the RBS Aluminum Track
New Item!

CRB Guide Foot Adhesive

Guide Foot Adhesive - 1/2" x 4" Stick

CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser

CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser

Heat Shrink Tubing

2 mil | Crystal clear | Protect handles during assembly & delivery
$8.95 to $11.95

Double-Sided Masking Tape, 3/4" x 36 yds

Extra sticky on both sides. Perfect for holding threads tight on butt wraps and weaves. 3/4" wide, 36 yards, .009" thickness.

Fiberglass Mesh Tape, 300ft. Roll

Fiberglass mesh tape, open weave, adhesive backed, 2" wide x 300'. Great when cut into 1" strips and used for reel seat mounting, epoxy flows easily inside mesh for a solid bond.