Fly Tying Supplies To Make Custom Flies

Whether you are new to fly tying, or a seasoned fly crafter, we have the materials, tools, and accessories you need. Knowing how to tie your own flies is greatly rewarded with more hook-ups and the satisfaction that you fooled the fish. We have what you need to create specialty flies to set your day on the water apart from others. Matched with your very own custom built Fly Rod, your hand tied flies will save you time & money and catch more fish!

67 Products

67 Products

Danville Flymaster 6/0 Nylon Thread [200yds]

Our Flymaster 6/0 is a great all-around thread for most fly tying needs. Great for fly sizes 8-16. 200 yards per spool.

Krystal Flash

A 'must have' for every fly tyer. Essential for the Clouser Minnow.

3/0 Fly Tying Thread (80 yards)

A good all-around thread for flies ranging from #14 up to #8. Working strength around 2.5 lbs. 80 yards.

Bucktail Pieces

Bucktail pieces in natural and dyed colors. Perfect for when a full tail is too much.  Used for many bass, saltwater and streamer flies.

Strung Neck Hackle

Large, wide hackles 3" to 5" long. Good for streamers, bass and saltwater flies. Approximately 1/4oz per package.

Pearl Chenille

Strong, dense chenille made of pearl mylar. Approximately 10 feet per package.
$1.50 $2.99

Medium Bucktail (Full Tail)

Medium Bucktials up to 10" in length.  An Extra Process leaves the deer tails very clean of Dye and natural oils.  Beautifully dyed even to the roots!

Rainy's Premium Craft Fur

It's easier to use, no dyeing and available in brilliant colors. Many of the industry's standard as the perfect substitution for buck tail. Size 5" x 5", 1 Piece Per Package.

Wooly Bugger Chenille, Large

The densest antron chenille available with pearl mylar tinsel mixed in for just the right amount of flash. This is the best we have found for tying woolies. No bugger should be without it!
$1.00 $2.00

Wapsi Fly Head Cement

Perfect viscosity, penetrates threads fast and dries quickly. Clear or black.

Round Lead Wire

Add weight to your flies with this lead wire.

Peacock Strung Herl

A top ten essential fly tying material. The iridescence of peacock feathers has been catching fish and fishermen for years. The dyed colors compliment the iridescence.
$1.00 $1.99

Sparkle Dumbbell Eyes (Large)

These new hourglass eyes feature clear resin eyes impregnated with glitter in various colors.
$2.62 $3.49

Zap-A-Gap Adhesive

A totally waterproof adhesive that bonds in less than 10 seconds. Bonds to virtually anything, it is considered a fly tyer’s secret weapon.
$3.95 to $7.95

Ultra Wire - Small

Ultra Wire is a non-tarnishing copper wire. It is available in a tremendous range of colors and sizes. Use Ultra Wire for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies and dubbing brushes.
$1.48 $2.95