Ideal for trolling live baits or lures. Snaps directly onto downrigger cable's snap swivel.

Ideal when trolling live baits or lures for everything from king mackerel to billfish, this rig is designed to be snapped directly on to your existing downrigger cable's snap swivel. The downrigger ball or planer can then be snapped on to the terminal end of the rig. When baits or lures are being deployed, the ball or planer stays in the water while the clip sits above the surface, where it can be easily loaded. This keeps the ball or planer from swinging around and damaging the boat's hull. Once the bait or lure is let out, the fishing line should be twisted 8 to 10 times before it is loaded into the Goldfinger Release Clip — which provides an instant and precise drop back every time.



Weight:0.1 lb.