Everything you need to start your professional rod building business

Advanced Start Up Tool Kit - Simply Add Some Rod Kits and You're Ready to Start Your DIY Rod Building Business!

In this Advanced supply kit you get everything in the FSB-3, plus we include the entire CRB Rod Building System (RBS) and even more supplies! The RBS system includes an aluminum base station that accommodates all the CRB components, including the Power Head for wrapping rod guides fast, and includes even more supplies and thread. This is the ultimate kit, and only available at Mud Hole!

Hand Wrapper Installation Instructions

Our user-friendly instruction booklet makes it easy to get started building your very own rods in minutes!

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What's in the Box

  • HWS-1 Professional Hand Rod Wrapper
  • RBS Rod Building System with Power Head / Foot Pedal
  • CRB 9RPM Drying Motor with Rod Support
  • CRB Epoxy Mixer
  • CRB Flexible LED Magnifyer
  • CRB Spine Finder
  • CRB Lazer Alignment Tool
  • CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser
  • Mud Hole Rod Building Book
  • DVD - Mud Hole "Rod Building 101"
  • 4oz. ProKöte Medium Build Rod Finish
  • 4oz. ProBönd Paste Epoxy
  • Tip-Top Adhesive Stick
  • Guide Foot Adhesive Stick
  • Extreme Reamer 4-Piece Set
  • Grit Reamer - Size Small
  • Thread and Line Clippers
  • Thread Burnishing Tool
  • Alcohol Burner
  • (2) China Marker (White & Black)
  • (40) Spools of ProWrap ColorFast Nylon Thread
  • (12) Spools of ProWrap Metallic Thread
  • (100) Razor Blades
  • (100) Finishing Brushes
  • (100) Mixing Cups
  • 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" Masking Tape
  • CRB Tip and Guide Gauge
  • 96" Adhesive Backed Measuring Tape

Your Start-Up Kit Includes:

RBS Power Head:

Power Up! With the CRB Power Head, convert your wrapper with serious speed. The Power Head features a direct drive self centering, self adjusting chuck that will fit virtually all rod styles and is controlled via an electric foot pedal. Use it to wrap guides, turn custom grips, remove line from a fishing reel and more!

RBS Aluminum Base Station:

When fully assembled this unit has over 8' of working space. The base also features dual roller tracks, allowing trays to roll in the front or rear of the wrapper as well as a center track which is used to mount support stands anywhere along the length of the station.

CRB Hand Wrapper:

The CRB Hand Wrapper features a dual spool tensioner and a tension rod which allows for easy reversing while building. Thread then runs to the slider which can move seamlessly along the 10" wrapping base. The wrapper also features adjustable stands mounted to the base along with a third stand for supporting the butt or tip. Finally, the hand wrapper incorporates interchangeable step by step instruction cards displaying a range of basic wrapping and advanced decorative techniques, and the basic wrapping Step by Step card is included.

CRB Rod Dryer:

The CRB Rod Dryer offers rod builders a durable, easy to use drying unit that is perfect for novice and professionals, at a price point unheard of in the industry without sacrificing functionality. This system features a 9 RPM 110V Drying motor with 6' cord, form fitting chuck, and one Dryer Support Stand.

Over 50 Spools of ProWrap Thread:

Over 50 different colors of ProWrap thread means you'll never have to sacrifice your creativity. There are (40) spools of Size D ColorFast Nylon guide wrapping thread, along with (12) spools of size A Metallic Winding thread for decorative trim wraps on your guides.

ProKote & ProPaste Epoxy:

This kit includes more of the essential supplies you need to build and repair rods. For gluing up handles and reel seat, we included a 4oz. ProPaste kit which is a high strength rod building paste adhesive. To make sure your guide wraps stay secure and protected from UV damage, we have also included a 4oz. ProKote kit, which is one of the best rod building thread finishes on the market.

Supplies & Tools:

Our professional rod builders have selected all the tools you will need to build your fishing rod. The tool set in this kit includes a pack of (10) razor blades, (4) mixing cups, (4) finish brushes and (4) mixing sticks (for the ProKote & ProPaste), a thread cutter, thread burnishing tool, and a 4-piece extreme reamer set for boring out your custom grips.

Even More Supplies:

We are not done yet; we have also included (2) sizes of masking tape (to make your reel seat arbor & for temporary guide placements), a china marker (for marking the rod blank spine and guide placements), an alcohol burner (to make your ProKote shine), as well as a Rod Building book & DVD!

With this kit it is easier than ever to get started in building and repairing your own custom fishing rods.