Reach the next level with this Advanced Start-up kit - Get your new rod building business stocked & ready!

Advanced Start Up Tool Kit - Take your hobby to the next level! For those who want professional grade rod building equipment and tools, this is the cost effective kit rod builders are raving about.

In this advanced supply kit, you get everything in the NFSB-3 Professional Kit like the CRB hand wrapper and rod dryer, PLUS the 4 Spool Thread Carriage and CRB Power Head for those looking to make quick work of guide and butt wraps!

We also made sure you have 100 packs of necessary items like razor blades, brushes, mixing cups and 52 spools of ProWrap premium wrapping thread so there will be no shortage of color options to make your guide and butt wraps look amazing!

Key Features & Benefits

Hand Wrapper with 4 Spool Thread Carriage

The HWS-1 Hand Wrapper with 4 Spool Thread Carriage provides an ultra-smooth ball bearing system that enhances your wrapping experience, giving threads pure, adjustable, unimpeded tension while a set of oversized knobs make adjustments a breeze.

The 10” wrapping base includes additional thread guides and a smooth slider that keeps track of your thread as your wraps progress. Two adjustable stands are mounted to the base along with a third free-standing support to cradle the rod's butt or tip.

CRB RBS Power Head

With the CRB Power Head, you can finish any wrap with serious speed. The Power Head features a direct drive self centering, self adjusting chuck that will fit virtually all rod styles and is controlled via an electric foot pedal.

Used in conjunction with the RBS Track and CRB Hand Wrapper, you can choose when you want to wrap intricate patterns by hand, or use this Power Head to make short work of larger guide wraps on heavy and saltwater rods, and finish butt wraps faster than ever!

The cost effective kit rod builders are raving about!

RBS Track - 8 Feet Of Workspace

Includes dual roller tracks to run your hand wrapper with thread carriage and accessory trays, plus a center track to mount support stands as well as the full line of CRB tools and equipment like a Rod Dryer and Spine Finder.

CRB Rod Dryer

The CRB rod dryer is built for professional and new builders alike and comes with a durable aluminum base, rubber form fitting chuck with a quiet asynchronous motor that will help you work quickly and efficiently.

ProWrap Thread

ProWrap has become the industry standard, and this kit comes with 40 spools of ColorFast thread, as well as 12 spools of Metallic thread, so you will have no shortage of color options to make any build stand out!

ProKote & ProPaste Epoxy

In this kit you get 4 oz. of ProPaste Epoxy for unbreakable bonds, plus 4 oz. of ProKote Finish (with syringes) for precise measurements and perfect clarity and UV resistance that will keep your guide wraps looking great!


Includes the premium CRB Thread Tool Kit! From reamer sets to razor blades, and Spine finder to tape dispensers, measuring tools and an alcohol burner, this kit has everything you need to make building a custom rod a breeze.


Having the right supplies for the job will make the build process much easier, and this kit includes all the supplies you will need like thread, paste, finish, brushes, tins and mixing cups, and we even a How To DVD and book!

Included Tools & Supplies

Tools & Equipment:

  • CRB Hand Wrapper System HWS-1
  • 4-Spool Thread Carriage Upgrade for HWS-1
  • RDS Rod Drying System 9RPM
  • RBS Power Head
  • CRB Automatic Epoxy Mixer
  • RBS Aluminum Base Station
  • CRB Spine Finder
  • CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser
  • CRB Laser Alignment Tool
  • CRB LED Magnifier Tool
  • RBS Rolling Tool Tray
  • CRB 5-Piece Professional Thread Tool Kit
  • Alcohol Burner
  • CRB Razor Blades (100)
  • Thread Burnishing Tool
  • CRB Tip Top & Guide size gauge
  • CRB Rod Building Ruler
  • Extreme Reamer - Set of 4
  • Speedy Thread Puller

Instructions & How-To:

  • Mud Hole's Rod Building 101 DVD
  • Mud Hole Rod Building Book


  • ProWrap Thread Assortment Kit 40-Spool
  • ProWrap Metallic Thread Kit 12-Spool
  • ProPaste Paste Epoxy 4oz
  • ProKote Rod Building Thread Finish 4oz
  • CRB Guide Foot Adhesive
  • CRB Micro Guide Bands
  • Finish Brushes (100)
  • China Marker (Black)
  • China Marker (White)
  • CRB Tip & Ferrule Cement
  • Foil Epoxy Mixing Dishes (25)
  • 1 oz. Mixing Cups (100 pk.)
  • Adhesive-Backed Measuring Tape
  • 1/2" Masking Tape
  • 1/4" Masking Tape
  • 1/8" Masking Tape
  • Epoxy Paddle Stir Stick (25)