CCT Compressed Carbon Technology | Injection molded | Maximum Blank feel | Uni-Lock Hood | Clear smoke polished finish

The RAZOR Casting seat from American Tackle brings another great option to their already stacked lineup of casting reel seats. This exposed blank reel seat with trigger provides all day comfort and gives the angler maximum blank contact to stay sharp on the water. This seat is offered with the uni-lock hood so you can add your personal touches as a fore grip that covers the seat's threads.. The RAZOR is made with CCT (Compressed Carbon Technology), which decreases the weight of the reel seat during the injection molding process. Using similar carbon technology found in rod blanks, these reel seats are not only lighter in weight than their competitors, but also provide increased sensitivity as an extension of the rod blank.

Reel Seat Specifications

ItemI.D.Rear O.D.LengthInsert
RAZOR-CCT-16-ULH.59" (15.10mm)1.06" (27mm)4.77 (121.1mm)RSI-4

Key Features & Benefits

  • Genuine injection molded Carbon bodies
  • Decreased overall seat body weight
  • Increased sensitivity transmission
  • Ergonomic G2 modern seat designs
  • Smooth clear smoke polished finish



Brand:American Tackle Co.