American Tackle Complete Saltwater Aluminum Butt

American Tackle Complete Saltwater Butt

Aluminum butts are swaged with reel seats machined from marine grade aluminum for strength and durability. Butts are anodized to prevent corrosion and resist scratching. Locking nuts are reverse knurled to prevent scratching when transporting or storing. Available in anodized silver, black and black body with gold hoods and nuts. Butts are provided with our exclusive red plastic electrolysis guard between nuts to prevent corrosion.

*Butts shown are AUB2.

Sizing & Specifications

ModelRod ClassLength (Ferrlue)I.D. (Ferrule)O.D. (Ferrule)
#1 Short10-3017.2"0.750" (19.1mm)0.838" (21.3mm)
#110-30 19.2"0.750" (19.1mm)0.838" (21.3mm)
#2 Short30-5017.8"0.873" (22.2mm)0.970" (24.6mm)
#230-5019.8"0.873" (22.2mm)0.970" (24.6mm)
#2 Short Curved30-5019.8"0.873" (22.2mm)0.970" (24.6mm)
#2 Curved30-5026.8"0.873" (22.2mm)0.970" (24.6mm)
#48022.8"1.00" (25.4mm) 1.133" (28.8mm)
#4 Curved8027.8"1.00" (25.4mm) 1.133" (28.8mm)
#613023.5"1.188" (30.2mm) 1.335" (33.9mm)
#6 Curved13028.4"1.188" (30.2mm) 1.335" (33.9mm)



Brand:American Tackle Co.