Black, Chrome, Polished or Titanium Frame | Nanolite or Duralite Ring | 4-5.5mm Ring

TiForged Guides — a new modern look with a snagless design to reduce tangling.

  • 316SS or solid Titanium alloy frames
  • Snagless frame designs in spinning and casting configurations
  • Hardened frames for extreme strength, keeping rings secure and safe from frame deformation
  • Slim ring design to reduce weight and polished round for increased casting distances and extended line life
  • Available with American Tackle proprietary Nanolite or Duralite ring options
  • American Tackle’s ceramic rings provide a near zero coefficient of friction with wet line – extending line life while increasing hardness to that of Silicone Carbide (SiC)
  • Chrome option is only available in size 4 and 5.5. (Running guides for MicroWave 12 SF Casting Set or MicroWave 20 Finesse Set)



Brand:American Tackle Co.