Molded-in swivel reduces line twist. Do-It Molds Bass Casting Sinker. | 10 mold models to choose from

Battle with the Bass, not your line! Bass Casting or Swivel Bell sinkers feature a molded-in swivel, so you don’t become the frustrated "twisted" fisherman.

Mold Specifications

Item No.Model No.TypeInsertModel GroupCavitiesSizes (oz.)Size No.
on Sinkers
1110BC-8-ABass Casting Sinker#7 Barrel SwivelAssorted81/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 1, 1-1/2, 2Yes44.50
1112BC-9-S2Bass Casting Sinker#7 Barrel SwivelCombination9
(5 of 3/8, 4 of 5/8)
3/8, 5/8Yes44.50
1113BC-8-M2Bass Casting Sinker#7 Barrel SwivelCombination8
(4 each size)
1, 1-1/2Yes44.50
3259BC-3-345Bass Casting Sinker#3 Barrel SwivelAssorted33, 4, 5Yes44.50
3260BC-2-68Bass Casting Sinker#3 Barrel SwivelCombination26, 8Yes44.50
3261BC-2-1012Bass Casting Sinker1/0 Barrel SwivelCombination210, 12Yes44.50
3262BC-2-1416Bass Casting Sinker1/0 Barrel SwivelCombination214, 16Yes44.50
3263BC-1-20Bass Casting Sinker1/0 Barrel SwivelSingle120Yes44.50
3256BC-9-12Bass Casting Sinker#7 Barrel SwivelProduction91/2Yes44.50
3257BC-9-34Bass Casting Sinker#7 Barrel SwivelProduction93/4Yes44.50
3258BC-8-1Bass Casting Sinker#7 Barrel SwivelProduction81Yes44.50
3314BC-5-2Bass Casting Sinker#7 Barrel SwivelProduction52Yes44.50



Brand:Do-It Molds