8'0" | 2 Piece | 9.5 Tip | 0.78 Butt

"These rods are similar to any graphite popping rods.
I would rate the 80G upto PE10 and cast upto 200g popper.
Newest high-end carbon from Japan is used for the blank. I will be surprised if any other Japanese high-end popping rod is better than the Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G as far as material is concerned.
Many bluefin in 200 lb - 300 lb with the BH 80G were caught without single issue in NC and Cape Cod.
You can fight with 30 - 35 lb drag as the rod has pretty stiff backbone and the rod is light as it is graphite." -Kil Song

The Graphite is slightly lighter than the Nano. If you like stiff action, then Graphite is recommended.

Unique Features:

  • Specially designed for big Bluefin in 100~250lb range in Cape Cod, USA
  • Excellent choice for monster GT Rod
  • Extensively tested for big Bluefin in 150~250lb range in Cape Cod with excellent result
  • Proved to have enough backbone for any Bluefin under 250lb with nice bend while fighting
  • One Year Full Warranty



Tip Size:9.5 (~3.8mm)
Butt Diameter:0.78
Description:Cape Cod Special Graphite Popping
Color:Black X Diamond Pattern
Application:Offshore, Offshore Popping
Brand:Black Hole