10 Handle Options | Fast Action | Medium to Heavy Rods | 7'0" or 7'3"

Build the same MHX Pro Tour Rods that Bradley Roy fishes on the Major League Fishing bass tournament trail!

Application Details

7'0" Medium Bass Casting Rod

An exclusive custom rod recipe from Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Bradley Roy, this 7'0" Casting Rod relies on its medium-light power and fast action to bring a strategically sensitive yet strong performance to freshwater fishing. Perfect for anything from pitchin' and worming, to casting spinnerbaits, jigs, and jerkbaits, this rod's all-around performance is hard to beat.

7'0" | 8-15 lb. | 3/16 - 5/8 oz. | Fast Action | Medium

“My 7'0" Casting Rod is a great all-purpose rod that performs best with any treble hook baits that need require some added action. Whether working jerkbaits, walking topwater baits, or popping topwater baits, I use this casting rod's fast tip to add action to the bait and then quickly set the hook, then I look to its medium-light power to finish the job and bring that fish to the boat.”

Bradley Roy, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

7'3" All-Purpose Worming & Jig Casting Rod

Arguably MLF Bass Pro Bradley Roy’s favorite bass fishing rod, this all-purpose casting rod’s medium-heavy power and fast action can truly do it all. Perfect for casting anything from topwater lures and spinnerbaits, to working a heavier Carolina rig through grass and throwing jigs into dense cover. Using Bradley Roy’s Signature All Purpose Casting Rod, you can throw, feel, and control of variety of lures in any freshwater applications to maximize your odds of catching the competition.

7'3" | 10-17 lb. | 1/4 - 3/4 oz. | Fast Action | Med-Heavy

“If I were forced to choose one rod, this MB873 Rod Blank would be the one… I keep three rigged up on my boat at all times because their versatility is impossible to beat and it keeps bass coming to the boat across the country.”

Bradley Roy, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

7'3" Heavy Froggin' Rod

Like many others addicted to bass fishing, Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Bradley Roy loves throwing a frog, and this 7'3" Casting rod is one of his favorites for froggin' and much more. Featuring a fast action tip and a heavy power, this rod is great for throwing lures farther, while its sensitivity and leverage make for a seriously strong hook set. The 7’3” length provides precise casting and its heavy power easily handles the biggest hogs.

7'3" | 12-20 lb. | 5/16 - 1 oz. | Fast Action | Heavy

“My MB874 Casting Rod is the go-to for froggin' and handling big bites. At 7'3", this rod is incredibly accurate when casting to help me put that frog on a dime and right into the strike zone every time. Plus, the tip is perfect for putting action in the frog and the power lets me rip ‘em out of dense cover, like thick grass or matted vegetation with ease.”

Bradley Roy, MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler

Rod Specifications

MB842-MHX7'0"18-15 lb.3/16 - 5/8 oz.FastMediumSlate
MB873-MHX7'3"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.FastMed-HeavySlate
MB874-MHX7'3"112-20 lb.5/16 - 1 oz.FastHeavySlate

Key Features & Benefits

WinnDry® Polymer Grips
Comfortable, tacky, non-slip polymer material. 10 color options.

MHX Mag Taper Blank
Durable, "workhorse" bass rod blanks. Very powerful mid and butt strength. Fast, responsive tip flex. Slate finish.

LZR™ Guides by CRB
Ultra-thin insert ring is 50% thinner. 3 Premium stainless steel frame finishes.

CRB Deluxe Graphite Reel Seat
High quality graphite trigger handle. Timeless styling in 3 hood finishes.