10 Handle Options | Fast Action | Medium to Med-Heavy Rods | 7'2" to 7'8"

Application Details

Brandon Lester Elite Pro 7’2” Heavy Casting Rod

Bassmaster Elite Pro Brandon Lester reaches for his 7'2" NEPS86HF Casting Rod when he needs its unique combination of heavy power, fast action, and ultra-lightweight. This casting rod is super strong and ultra-responsive, making the perfect Carolina rig for picking up line, open water frog rod that can handle slop froggin', and casting swim jigs in open water or in dense cover.

7'2" | 12-25 lb. | 1/2 - 1 oz. | Fast Action | Heavy Power

“This NEPS86HF Casting Rod is my go-to for swim jigs, open water froggin', Carolina rigs, and even heavy football jigs. The 7’2” length is great for casting further out and then picking up line, and the backbone comes in right on time to help me fight bigger fish and win.”
Brandon Lester, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Angler

Brandon Lester Elite Pro 7’6” Heavy Casting Rod

While Bassmaster Elite Pro Brandon Lester is competing across the country, he often turns to this 7'6" NEPS90HF Casting-Pitchin' Rod when up next to a bank, between heavy cover, in tight places, or even around docks. Capitalizing on the 7'6" length, heavy mid-butt power, and fast tip, he knows that whether he is casting, flippin’, or pitchin’, this high-performance rod will put fish in the box.

7'6" | 10-20 lb. | 1/2 - 1 oz. | Fast Action | Heavy Power

“I would be happy to call this is my meat and potatoes flippin' and pitchin' rod. Whether I'm fishing near a dock, along a bank, or in heavy cover, the performance and confidence I get from this 7'6" Casting-Pitchin' Rod is just awesome. If you get into big fish in heavy cover, this rod is a serious performer.”
Brandon Lester, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Angler

Brandon Lester Elite Pro 7’8” Heavy Casting Rod

For longer casts, more leverage when fighting fish, and boost in power for flippin’ in heavy cover, Elite Pro Brandon Lester selects the 7’8” NEPS92HF Casting Rod every time. The longer length has many performance benefits, especially when fishing heavy cover for big bass. Although it is very light in weight to minimize fatigue, its backbone is without a doubt one of the strongest around.

7'8" | 12-30 lb. | 1/2 - 1 1/4 oz. | Mod-Fast Action | Heavy Power

“Whether I want to cast my lure a country mile, or pull big fish from heavy cover, this is one of my favorites. My NEPS92HF Rod is a really good long rod that I can fish with confidence all over the country.”
Brandon Lester, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Angler

Rod Specifications

NEPS86HF-MHX7'2"112-25 lb.1/2 - 1 oz.FastHeavySatin Black
NEPS90HF-MHX7'6"110-20 lb.1/2 - 1 oz.FastHeavySatin Black
NEPS92HF-MHX7'8"112-30 lb.1/2 - 1 1/4 oz.Mod-FastHeavySatin Black

Key Features & Benefits

WinnDry® Polymer Grips
Comfortable, tacky, non-slip polymer material. 10 color options.

MHX Elite Pro Blank
Retooled with 50 million modulus Toray fiber and an incredible Nano Resin system.

LZR™ Guides by CRB
Ultra-thin insert ring is 50% thinner. 3 Premium stainless steel frame finishes.

CRB Deluxe Graphite Reel Seat
High quality graphite trigger handle. Timeless styling in 3 hood finishes.



Color:Satin Black