Brass Ferrules Chrome Plated

American Tackle Company ferrules are made from the highest quality brass and are chrome plated. The FRR ferrules are reinforced. All sizes are in M.M.
Ferrule Size   Female ID        Male ID
4.0                        4.0mm            3.3mm
4.5                        4.5mm            3.9mm
5.0                        4.9mm            4.4mm
5.5                        5.5mm            4.9mm
6.0                        6.0mm            5.3mm
6.5                        6.5mm            5.7mm
7.0                        7.0mm            6.3mm
7.5                        7.5mm            6.9mm
8.0                        8.0mm            7.5mm
8.5                        8.5mm            7.6mm
9.0                        9.0mm            8.3mm 



Material:Chrome Plated
Brand:American Tackle Co.