CFX Carbon Fiber | 7" Half Wells Grip | All Aluminum Seat in Black or Titanium | For Rods 2-6 Wt.
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The half wells Carbon grip gives all the same measurements as your traditional half wells grip but the new look and texture provides a new vibe to the old standby of fly grips. This handle kit is ideal for most of your freshwater applications where lighter rods and light tippets are used. Those anglers looking to chase trout, panfish or have the classic half wells cork look and fell, this is the handle choice to best suit your needs. The half wells Carbon Fiber can be reamed to fit any fly applications and mates up to the all aluminum AFS7 fly seat without a need for a cutout. Each one of these reel seats have finish caps and do not have fighting butts as many of the freshwater rods do not need a fighting butt.

Key Features & Benefits

CFX Carbon Fiber Grips
The ultimate performance material for lightweight & sensitive handles.

Solid Aluminum Seat
Single locking nut. Solid aluminum construction in Titanium or Black.

Rubber Winding Checks
An assortment of pre-sized rubber winding checks complete the trim.

Kit Components

The 7 inch half wells grip is made from super light carbon fiber and mates up perfectly to the all aluminum AFS7 seat which features single locking nut and comes in two colors, Black or Titanium finish. As with most half wells grips there is no need for a fighting butt and each seat comes with a finish cap for the butt. This handle set is ideal for rods from 2-weight to 6-weight.

  • Carbon Fiber Half Wells Fly Grips 7 in
  • AFS7 all metal seat. No need for inlet grip
  • Single locknut, Black or Titanium Color option
  • Black Rubber/Vinyl Winding Checks for various blank O.D.'s

Handle Kit Specifications

7" Half WellsAFS7N/A3.65"7.00"10.65"

Installation & How-To

Note: Handle kits do not include arbors. You can purchase one separately, or build one yourself using tape. Also, as blank diameters change, you may need to ream the inner diameter of the grips to match the blank. In instances where the blank diameter is small, you might need to create an arbor to fit the grip snug to the blank.