For Fuji hidden thread reel seats | 16 or 17mm | 1.75" length - .375" Top Opening

These all-new grips are specially bored to match Fuji's hidden locking nut reel seats, including the PTS, TVS and LOK/AN locking nut.

CFX Carbon Fiber Composite Grips

CFX grips begin with a proprietary carbon infused core material. It is the weight of traditional 4 lb urethane foam but has the density and strength of 7 lb. It is stronger, lighter, and more dense than any grip material available. What this means to you is the ultimate in energy transmission, far superior to cork, EVA, hypalon or other carbon fiber grips.

CFX grips have a buffed matte finish that is comfortable, easy to grip, and impervious to UV breakdown. The end result is a beautiful grip that is lighter and more sensitive than any rubber based handle, translating to more bites felt, more hook sets and more fish in front of the camera.

Dimensions - Hidden Sleeve Grip

SFG-16 1.75"For Fuji hidden thread sleeve 16mm
SFG-171.75"For Fuji hidden thread sleeve 17mm



Color:Carbon Fiber
Material:Carbon Fiber