Assorted gaff building kits with custom options | Length: 2ft or 6ft | Hook Size: 2", 3", 4" or 5"
This kit is assembled to order. In the event of a backorder a notification will be sent via Email.

Mud Hole is excited to offer the components to enable you to build your own High Quality custom gaffs. We have designed “316” Stainless Steel Gaff Hooks along with Handles specifically made for gaffs. Not just a rod blank to stick a hook into but a heavy walled handle with a spiral cut thread in the end to give you a better hold on the hook. The hooks also are flattened on two sides to keep them from turning after assembly.

All Gaff Handles are available in 5’6” lengths to allow you to build a 6’ completed gaff or cut the handle to any desired length to make it perfect for the application you need. We have supplied a chart with each handle and the outside dimensions to enable you to order the specific handle material to fit after you have trimmed it to your desired length.

Along with offering you all of the necessary parts to design your own Custom Gaff we have also setup five kits with all of the necessary parts included (except for the epoxy to glue the hook into the handle).

Key Features

  • 316 Stainless Steel Hooks
  • EVA Foam Grip
  • Heavy-walled handle tube with spiral-cut glue reservoir ID

Download Assembly Instructions (435KB PDF)

Gaff Specifications

Part #LengthHook SizeHandle
CBGK-222'0"2"6" EVA
CBGK-626'0"2"10" EVA (2)
CBGK-636'0"3"10" EVA (2)
CBGK-646'0"4"10" EVA (2)
CBGK-656'0"5"10" EVA (2)