For Rods up to 8' or 10' | Wall Mounted Deflection Chart | Pairs perfectly with CRB-DFT Deflection Tool

Now available in a 10-ft size to accomodate larger builds!

Whether matching an old favorite blank or comparing rod blanks from different manufacturers, the CRB Deflection Chart easily and accurately identifies your rod blank’s power and action making for the perfect system to align blank specifications to your favorite fishing rods.

CRB Deflection Chart Benefits

  • Accurately define the blank’s power
  • Precisely identify the blank’s action
  • Compare rod blanks to match specifications
  • Fine tune and improve blank’s performance
  • Simple yet sturdy installation
  • User-friendly instructions

Key Features

  • Accommodates blanks up to 8ft or 10ft in length
  • Pre-Printed Action overlays, provide examples of different blank action styles for visual reference.
  • Alpha-Numeric Grid System makes reference points easy to locate.
  • Bold Lines are printed at 12" demarcations, and Dashed lines at 6" increments for enhanced visibility when working within the deflection grid.
  • Features a special laminate film, allowing builders to mark up and make notes directly on the chart using a "dry-erase" marker.
  • Printed on high quality durable reinforced vinyl.