Temper hardened stainless steel standard and large loops available, tube sizes 4-6 | Available in Black or Polished | Contains 5 tip-tops plus tip-top ferrule cement.

Repair your fishing rod with CRB Fly Rod Tip Top Repair Kit!

Temper hardened stainless steel loops allow the fly fisherman to enjoy improved knot clearance and therefore increased casting distances!

Fly Rod Tip Tops Repair Kits by CRB

Standard Loop Features:
Temper hardened stainless steel loop.
All finishes have an undercoating of Super Hard Chrome for superior corrosion, abrasion, and groove resistance.

Large Loop Features:
Oversized loop for improved knot clearance and increased casting distance.
Large temper hardened stainless steel loop.
Popular model for saltwater fly casting.

Included in this kit:

  • (1) FT Tip Top : Standard Loop | Tube 4
  • (1) FT Tip Top : Standard Loop | Tube 4.5
  • (1) FTL Tip Top : Large Loop | Tube 5
  • (1) FTL Tip Top : Large Loop | Tube 5.5
  • (1) FTL Tip Top : Large Loop | Tube 6
  • (1) FCT : Tip-Top Ferrule Cement