Quad-spool thread tensioner | Adjustable stands | Instruction cards | Upgrade with RBS-Pro & RBS system
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The best hand wrapper on the market just got better.

NEW! Featuring an all-new 4-Spool Thread Carriage
The HWS-2 builds on our most popular hand wrapper unit by adding an all-new quad spool thread carriage. An ultra-smooth ball bearing system enhances your wrapping experience, giving threads pure, adjustable, unimpeded tension while a set of oversized knobs make adjustments a breeze. The 10” wrapping base includes additional thread guides and a smooth slider that keeps track of your thread as your wraps progress. Two adjustable stands are mounted to the base along with a third free-standing support to cradle the rod's butt or tip.

Also included is a Basic Step by Step rod wrapping tutorial card, and additional step-by-step cards can be purchased to keep training materials within view while working.

  • All-New 4-spool thread carriage - keep up to 4 spools at the ready
  • Extra-smooth ball-bearing system eliminates friction
  • Thread tension rod system allows easy reversing of your wraps without losing thread tension
  • Part of the RBS modular wrapper ecosystem - upgrade this wrapper to a power wrapper and customize your work bench
  • Step-by-Step instruction card system

Key Features & Benefits

Modular Design
Easily upgrade & expand to a full power wrapper, dryer and lathe using the RBS system components

Ball Bearing System
Enhanced bearings eliminate friction to achieve pure, unimpeded thread tension

Instruction Cards
Keep step-by-step tutorials within view at all times - basic rod wrapping instructions included

Double the Thread Capacity
HWS-2 accomodates 4 medium to small sized spools simultaneously

First timers and seasoned rod builder alike will benefit from the convenience and speed delivered by the upgrades in this new deluxe hand wrapper.

Buy one today and find out why CRB tools are the rod builder's first choice!



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