Decorative rubber butt caps with stylish flash of color. Metallic & Matte options. | 10 Colors

Add Trim Parts to Your Handle

These decorative rubber butt caps are an easy way to add a bit of flair to the end of your handle. Their anodized aluminum hardware looks great on both split-grips and traditional full length handles. Available in 10 colors and featured in the CRB Custom Handle System.

Designed to mount directly to fighting butt model SGFBT — but can easily be integrated into any custom handle.

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Ideal for spinning or casting rods
  • 10 color options

Butt Cap Sizing & Dimensions Chart

MHBC0.390" (10mm)0.625" (15.9mm)1.04" (26.3mm)

Now Available – Matte Finish Trim Options

NEW! CRB is proud to announce the arrival of our all-new stealth-inspired matte finish trim parts. Available in Matte Gunsmoke,Matte Silver,Matte Black, and TiChrome.