Size 16 ideal for Vertical Jigging and Slow Pitch Jigging rods with smaller diameters | Ergonomic palm hugging grip | 6 Anodized colors | Dual locking nuts

With a tapered fixed hood, ergonomic shape, and a tri-channel alignment sliding hood, the ARC Aluminum reel seat is ready battle. These sleek reel seats also feature 12-sided, knurled double locking nuts to allow for quick and secure reel changes, while Delrin washers keep the seat locked in any conditions.

CRB Heavy Duty Aluminum Jigging Reel Seat

  • Available in 16mm Diameter
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Tri-Channel Design locks reels firmly in place eliminating wobble.
  • Available in 6 colors: Black, Black & Gold, Gold, Gunsmoke, Red and Silver
  • Knurled Double Locking Nuts


ModelInside DiameterLength
ARC1616.2mm5 1/2"



Inside Diameter:16.2 mm
Application:Inshore, Light Saltwater