Includes 5 tools | 110v or 220v
This kit is assembled to order. Due to COVID-19 we items in this kit may be delayed, in the event of a back order our Customer Support staff will notify you.

Get Started on the Right Foot — The CRB Ultimate Tools Combo Pack contains 5 of our most useful rod building tools.

Advanced Hand Wrapper

CRB has revolutionized the hand-wrapper. The AHWS-1 hand wrapping unit features a dual spool tensioner and a tension rod which allows for easy reversing while building. Thread then runs to the slider which can move seamlessy along the 10" wrapping base. Also features adjustable stands mounted to the base along with a third stand for supporting the butt or tip. Finally the HWS-1 incorporates interchangeable step by step instruction cards displaying a range of basic wrapping and advanced decorative techniques. (Basic wrapping Step by Step card included with HWS-1.)

Unlike traditional, wooden style entry level beginner hand wrappers, these new wrapper offer many benefits found only in better systems (and some completely new & unique design features).

Rod Dryer (9 RPM)

CRB developed its new RDS Rod Drying System with two things in mind, Value and Quality. The new RDS units offers Rod Builders a durable, easy to use drying unit that is perfect for novice and professionals. Plus a price point unheard of in the industry without sacrificing functionality. Each unit features a 9 RPM Drying motor with 6' cord, form fitting chuck and one Dryer Support Stand.

Epoxy Mixer

Use the new CRB Epoxy Mixing System for perfectly mixed, bubble-free epoxy. The EM1 features an 18RPM mixing motor with 6ft power cord, plug and switch mounted on a powder coated steel base, and non-slip foot pads. Will accommodate both the MC125 (2.5oz) mixing cup for larger batches of finish and the MXC1.0 (1oz.) mixing cup for smaller batches. The Stand also features a docking station for your brushes and mixing rod (Mixing rod provided and five 2.5oz mixing cups).

Spine Finder

The CRB Spine Finder System will quickly and accurately locate the exact spine of any blank. Just insert blank and push down on tip. Precision ball bearings, adjustable PVC base pre-drilled for easy mounting. A "must" if you build custom rods.

  • Easy to Use
  • Multi Use Tool
  • Strong PVC Base
  • Precision Ball Bearings

Laser Alignment Tool

Properly aligning guides can be one of the most tedious tasks when building a custom rod. The CRB Laser Alignment System features a reel foot mount mounted laser housing with vertical beam, leveling bubbles and reversible tape measure. Once mounted, a perfectly straight beam is projected down the rod all the way to the tip. The vertical laser makes aligning guides and butt wraps a snap. While fishing rod blanks are not as straight as a laser, this tool will greatly aid you in aligning your guides.