Butt Caps For Custom Fishing Rod Handles

Do not underestimate the value of the butt cap because it can really make an impact on the overall look of the rod. For example, if you have a one piece rear grip in cork, you can just add a matching butt cap, or you can select a black rubber butt cap that really makes it look custom. You can also choose a heavier butt cap if you have balancing issues, or just add some color to enhance the custom aspect. Which is right for you?

27 Products

27 Products

CRB Door Knob Style Butt Caps

Rugged black rubber construction | 12 Sizes for a variety of rod, gig & gaff applications
$2.25 to $2.45

Rubber/Vinyl Butt Caps

These rubber/vinyl butt caps are flexible and very durable. Ribbed inner walls act as a glue reservoir during installation.
$0.95 to $1.76

CRB Composite and EVA Butt Caps

EVA Foam or Composite Cork | Various Sizes
$2.00 to $2.95

Rubber Butt Plug

Rubber Butt Plug | Available in 1/4", 3/8" and 9/16" ID

Fuji Tapered Rubber Caps

Fuji Tapered Rubber Caps
$2.29 to $4.59

Fuji Rubber Gimbal Butt Caps, Model GRC

Rubber gimbal butt cap, available in two sizes. 19mm (.75") or 22mm (.866").

Rubber Butt Cap Insert for CRB Handle System

Combine with butt cap trim ring for a colorful handle end. Fits flush on CRB handle system rear grips.

Rubber Butt Cap with Designer Aluminum Trim

Stylish Butt Cap, anodized aluminum accent ring with black butt tack. | 5 Colors

Vinyl Butt Caps for Surf Rods

Thin-walled push-on vinyl butt caps suitable for surf rods. Available to fit butts from 1/2” to 1-1/2” in diameter.

CRB Handle System Butt Cap MHBC

Decorative rubber butt caps with stylish flash of color. Metallic & Matte options. | 10 Colors

Fuji EVA Butt Cap

EVA Butt Cap 19mm I.D./27mm Length

EVA & Composite Cork Fighting Butt Cap

Fighting butt cap for split-grips. Available in either EVA foam or Composite Cork material. 1.18" x .75" ID x 1.3" OD.
$1.79 to $4.97

EVA Foam Butt Caps

EVA Foam Straight Butt Cap
$1.85 $1.89

Rubber Crutch Butt Cap

Rubber Crutch Butt Caps
$2.25 to $3.09

CRB Rubber Gimbal CRBRG

Designed for comfort and performance. Great for counter balance and on vertical jigging rods. | 2 Sizes
$2.99 to $3.29

Fuji Rubber Butt Cap, Model ERC

Available in 20 or 23mm ID. 10mm length.

American Tackle Rubber Gimbals

19mm or 22mm ID | 1.75" Length

Rubberized Cork Butt Cap for VSS16 Cork Grip

Rubberized Cork butt cap for use with Fuji VSS16 cork grip.

Rubberized Cork Butt Cap for VSS17 Cork Grip

Rubberized Cork butt cap for use with Fuji VSS17 cork grip.

Fuji Gimbal Protective Butt Caps

Fuji Gimbal Protective Butt Caps
$2.79 to $4.89

Rubber Butt Plug - Size 16

BP-16 Butt Plug Fits all size 16 Reel Seats

Fuji EWBC Weighted Butt Cap

Designed to counterbalance rod weight through removable washers.

CRB Weighted Butt Cap

The ideal accessory to adjust the balance point on your favorite fishing rod.

Rubber Butt Plug - Size 18

BP-18 Butt Plug Fits all size 18 Reel Seats