Butt Caps For Custom Fishing Rod Handles

Do not underestimate the value of the butt cap because it can really make an impact on the overall look of the rod. For example, if you have a one piece rear grip in cork, you can just add a matching butt cap, or you can select a black rubber butt cap that really makes it look custom. You can also choose a heavier butt cap if you have balancing issues, or just add some color to enhance the custom aspect. Which is right for you?

30 Products

30 Products

CRB Weighted Butt Cap

The ideal accessory to adjust the balance point on your favorite fishing rod.

Rubber Butt Plug - Size 18

BP-18 Butt Plug Fits all size 18 Reel Seats

Brass Weight Disc for CRB Weighted Butt Cap

Additional weighted disc for CRB weighted butt cap system. 1/2oz each (approximately 14.2 grams). Electroplated brass, sold per each.

Winn EVA Butt Cap for Fuji Grips

Fits Fuji Winn Butt Grips WB425 and WB237

G2 Carbon Handle Butt Cap Assembly

3 aluminum trim colors | Engraveable end cap | Designed for G2 Carbon Handle system

Winn Rubber Sphyrna Trolling Butt Cap

Black | 2 Sizes
$3.99 to $4.69