Fore & Rear Grips For Custom Fishing Rods

Full length fishing rod handles can serve many purposes, so consider your fishing application while browsing our selection. Are you going to use the rod primarily for trolling? If so, you may want to try cork material, as it is easy to get in and out of the rod holders. Are you using it for a flipping stick? Then you may way to consider an EVA or softer grip that will be comfortable to grip all day long. There are a ton of choices available in our selection - which is right for you?

86 Products

86 Products

FGS2RC Cork Foregrip with Rubberized Cork

Features tough rubberized cork for years of wear.
Length 2", ID .250"

X-CAMO Cork Grips

Green camo | Foregrips, rear grips and split-grips | For spinning and casting rods
$8.95 to $20.50

EVA Vertical Jigging Grips

Foregrips & Rear Grips | 7", 12" or 14" | Durable EVA Foam
$3.00 to $3.50

Triangular EVA Foam Foregrips, 14"

Triangular-shaped EVA foam foregrips, 14" in length, 1.5" (38.15mm) OD. Available in 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" ID.

Straight Grips (Double Tenon)

Straight Cork Rear Grips with Double Tenons. | Available in 7" & 9"
$18.24 to $21.73

2" Downlocking Foregrip (EVA)

Comfortable EVA foam grip for building a downlocking foregrip. | 2" Length

Tapered Cork Foregrips with Finger Cutout

2" length, available in super grade cork or EVA foam.
$2.95 to $4.95

Reverse Tapered Cork Foregrip - 5" Super Grade

5" Super Grade Reverse tapered foregrip, 0.400" ID.

Foregrip for Fuji KDPS Hood and Nut

Your choice of cork or EVA foam, available to fit 16mm and 17mm KDPS hood and nut.
$2.99 to $6.99

3-inch Carbon Fiber Grips

Lightweight, durable 3-inch carbon fiber grips with awesome styles | Available in 4 Colors

BGV Rear Spinning Grip for Fuji VSS Reel Seat

Shaped rear spinning grip designed to fit 16mm and 17mm VSS spinning seats. | Cork or EVA
$5.29 to $16.79

Reverse Tapered EVA Foregrips FG8417 [Size 17]

Slim design reverse taper EVA foregrip fits seamlessly with size 17 reel seat barrels. | 3 IDs available
$0.98 to $1.95

Fuji "Nubbin" Foregrip for SK2 Spin Seat

Fuji's cork or EVA foregrips designed to match SK2 split reel seat. Tenoned fit for size 16 or 17 SK2 seat.
$2.29 to $3.89

2" Downlocking Foregrip (Cork)

High-Quality Portuguese cork grip for building a downlocking foregrip. | 2" Length

FGH Foregrip for HPS - Cork or EVA

Foregrips designed to fit Fuji's HPS reel seat's extended barrel. | Cork or EVA | 2 Sizes | 2-5/8" Length
$2.79 to $5.19

Light Spinning Rod Cork Grips (For Tennessee Handles)

Use these cork grips with product # GSR-23.5 spin bands to make tennessee handles.

9-inch Rear Casting Grip, Swelled with Tapered Rear

9" in length, 0.300" ID. Available in super grade cork and two-tone combination of composite cork and super grade cork.
$16.50 to $18.00

Cork Rear Spin Band Grips - 10" Super Grade

Designed to be used with GSR-25.4 slip rings, sold separately.

13" Tapered Cork Rear Grip, Super Grade

Super Grade tapered rear grip, 0.300" ID. Rear tenon designed to match CBC-2 composite butt cap.

Cork Rear Tennessee Handle Grip - 11" Super Grade

11" Super Grade cork grips for Tennessee Handles. Fits CBC-3 butt cap.

6" Straight Cork Rear Grip w/ Single Tenon - Super Grade

6" Super Grade straight rear grip. Single tenon for mounting a butt cap (CBC-2). 0.400" ID.

Shaped Cork Rear Casting Grip - 14" Super Grade

14" Super Grade casting grip with two tenons. Contour shaped.

"Quick Lock" Shaped Rear Grip for Fuji IPS16

Designed specifically for Fuji IPS16 "Quick Lock" reel seat. This rear grips comes in Cork for your spinning applications.

8" Tapered Cork Foregrip for Michigan Handle - Super Grade

Super Grade foregrip for Michigan Handles. 8" length, 0.250" ID.