Grips Making Components For Custom Fishing Rods

We carry a huge inventory of grip making products, pieces and components to make stunning custom fishing rod handles and grips. Designing and building your own custom rod handle is the ultimate in custom rod building, and will truly showcase your skills. Check out our selection!

30 Products

30 Products

Extreme Reamer - Set of 4

Bundle all 4 sizes and save | Use as a hand reamer or power reamer | Ream cork, EVA, composite materials and more
$69.95 $79.80

CRB Grip Making Kit with Steel Mandrels

Great way to start building your own fishing rod grips. Includes 4 mandrels with 1/4" - 5/16" - 3/8" - 7/16" ODs, plus all the tools and supplies you will need.
$82.13 $91.26

CRB Cork Grip Making Kit with Steel Mandrels

Start building your own stunning custom Cork fishing rod grips! Comes with 4 steel mandrels, tools, supplies, and 100 cork rings so you can start building right away!
$223.10 $247.89

CRB EVA Grip Making Kit with Steel Mandrels

Start building your own color EVA fishing rod grips! EVA comes with 3 ID sizes of 3/8" - 1/2" and 5/8" with 5 color options for each size; (Teal, Lime Green, Orange, Blue and Yellow).
$202.95 $225.51

CRB Camo EVA Grip Making Kit with Steel Mandrels

Start building your own Camo EVA fishing rod grips! Camo EVA comes with 3 ID sizes of 3/8" - 1/2" and 5/8" with 4 color options for each size; (Blue Camo, Desert Camo, Urban Camo and Woodland Camo).
$189.59 $210.66

RBS Pro Power Wrapper & Handle Turning Kit with Steel Mandrels - RBS-ProKit-HT

Great for turning your own EVA and Cork handles, and can still be used as a power wrapper!
$339.95 $378.61

CM18 Straight EVA Grips (18" Length)

Take your custom build to the next level with these colored grips | 20 Colors | 18" Length | 3/8, 1/2 or 5/8" ID with 1-1/4" OD
$8.95 to $9.95

CRB Steel Turning Mandrels

18" length | 4 common ODs | 60 degree taper in each end for live center | Includes adjustable collars
$12.99 to $15.95

Rod Builder's Sand Paper

Make a custom grip today!

16mm Graphite Tubing for Mounting CRB Handle System

19" x 16mm O.D. mounting tube for CRB handle system parts. | ID .525"

Rod Builders Sanding Screen

Silicon Carbide sanding screen for shaping cork & eva handles. 10 meters x 38mm. Approximate size is 33' long x 1.5" wide.

Flexcoat Cork Ring Clamp

Designed to compress cork rings together until the glue dries. Eliminates gaps between cork rings for a smooth, professional handle.

Perforated Leather Strip Grip Material

36-inch perforated leather strip. Use to cover stand-up and trolling rod foregrips.

CRB EVA Inlay Strips

12" x 3" sheet | 3mm or 6mm thickness
$1.25 to $1.50

CRB Deluxe Handle Clamp Spare Disc

Spare disc for CRB Deluxe Handle Clamp

CFX Foam Arbors for Graphite Handle Tubing

2" or 12" Length | Made from the same ultra-strong, ultra-light Polyurethane core material as CFX's carbon fiber grips
$1.95 to $10.95

CRB Deluxe Handle Clamp

Holds your handle assembly tightly in place while you wait for the epoxy to dry | 4 locking discs to accommodate most rod blank diameters

CFX Carbon Fiber Center Pin Grip Set

19.25" Total Length | 2-Piece Grip Set | Float/Drift for Salmon & Steelhead

Winn Rod Overwrap Contour 96"

96" Length | 1.1mm Thickness | 30mm Width | 4 Colors

Winn Rod Overwrap Slim 66"

66" Length | 1.1mm Thickness | 20mm Width | 8 Colors

CFX Sleeve Clamps

10 per package | The Perfect Finishing Touch on a CFX Carbon Fiber Grip