Gimbals For Saltwater Fishing Rods

Browse our huge selection of lightweight saltwater gimbals from popular manufacturers like American Tackle, AFTCO and Fuji. Most come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, so you are sure to find something perfect for your saltwater fishing application.

12 Products

12 Products

CRB Tapered Aluminum Gimbals AGT

Sizes 2, 3 & 4 | 6 Color Options | Tapered
$8.49 to $10.49

CRB Radiused Aluminum Gimbals AGR

Sizes 2, 3 & 4 | 6 Color Options | Radiused
$8.49 to $10.49

Fuji Rubber Gimbal Butt Caps, Model GRC

Rubber gimbal butt cap, available in two sizes. 19mm (.75") or 22mm (.866").

American Tackle Aluminum Gimbals

Machined marine aluminum gimbals with polished edges. | 4 Sizes | 8 Colors
$9.07 to $12.28

Nylon Graphite Gimbals

Nylon and Graphite Gimbals Black
$1.69 to $2.09

CRB Rubber Gimbal CRBRG

Designed for comfort and performance. Great for counter balance and on vertical jigging rods. | 2 Sizes
$2.99 to $3.29

Fuji Decorative Graphite Gimbals

Deep Channel | Silver Trim Ring | 2 Sizes
$5.19 to $5.79

American Tackle Rubber Gimbals

19mm or 22mm ID | 1.75" Length

Nylon Gimbals w/ PVC Cap

Nylon Gimbals with PVC butt cap cover.

Perfection Aluminum Ball Gimbals

Distinctive vertical ball design reduces friction & wear on fighting belt pin. | 7 Colors | Made in USA

Perfection Aluminum Gimbals

New vertical radius creates better lifting power by reducing friction & wear on fighting belt pin.
$11.00 to $12.40

Fuji SGC Swing System Gimbal

"Swing System" allows 15 degrees left or right movement | Adjusts your rod angle to match the movement of large fish | Eliminate twist and maximize rod power | For offshore, light trolling and boat rods