Split Grip Components For Rod Building

Split grips are a three piece handle system that consists of the fore grip, rear grip, and the butt end (fighting butt). Browse our shop and you will find a variety of grip materials to choose from, including Cork, composites and EVA. These split grip parts also come in different colors and styles, so the combinations are almost limitless!

73 Products

73 Products

Tapered Foregrips - Super Grade Cork or EVA

Super Grade Cork or EVA Foam | 2" to 4.5" lengths | Various I.D. Sizes
$1.25 to $7.25

FSG387 Casting Rear Split Grip

CRB's Most Popular Palm Swell Casting Rear Grip - Available in a variety of styles
$2.50 to $8.95

Tapered Cork Foregrips

Tapered Cork Foregrips, Available in 2", to 5" lengths. Perfect for spinning & casting rods.
$4.05 to $8.96

CFX Composite Carbon Fiber Grips - Casting Split Grip

3.625" Length | 0.375" ID | Tenon fits standard trigger reel seats

CFX Composite Carbon Fiber Grips - Spinning Split Grip

3" Length | 0.375" ID | Fits Size 16 AERO spinning seat

CFX Composite Carbon Fiber Grips - 1.75" Stubby Foregrip for Fuji PTS/TVS

For Fuji hidden thread reel seats | 16 or 17mm | 1.75" length

CRB Split-Grip Rear Grip (3-3/16") RSG3T

The RSG series of grips feature a unique flare and works well as both a butt grip as well as a rear-grip. New two-tone options!
$2.50 to $5.05

Straight Tapered Foregrips FG175 FG125

The 2-Tone Tapered foregrip features a classic shape with a fresh new design. Can be used for both rear grips & foregrips.
$2.75 to $4.25

Contoured Foregrip for Fuji VSS Spinning Reel Seat

Your choice of cork or EVA foam, available to fit 16mm and 17mm VSS spinning seats.
$3.90 to $9.95

Foregrip for Fuji SK2 Hood and Nut KSKSS16 & KSKSS17

16mm or 17mm | 4 Color Options
$2.85 to $5.59

F-1.0-250 Reverse Taper Foregrip

Reverse taper foregrip, 1" long. Fits flush against the front of standard size 16 spinning seats. Inside diameter is .250", largest OD is 1.05".

EVA Foam Fighting Butt KGRFB225

2-1/4" EVA foam fighting butt for split-grip handle systems. Features beveled edge near winding check.

EVA Surf Grips

These EVA trim pieces are designed to be used in conjunction with cork tape to make traditional surf rod grips. Sold individually and available in 3 different sizes.
$1.41 $3.19

Rear Grip for Fuji® SK2 Casting Seat

Your choice of cork or EVA foam, available to fit 16mm and 17mm SK2 Casting Body models SKTS16 and SKTS17.
$3.99 to $6.99

3.75-inch Rear Grip for Fuji SK2 Casting Seat

3.75" length. Cork, Black EVA or 2-Tone EVA.
$3.19 to $7.25

SPG35 EVA Split Grips with Tenon for Trigger Seat

EVA Foam rear grip for split-grip handles, 3.9" total length with tenon for trigger seats. Available in 3 IDs: 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8".

CRB Split-Grip EVA Rear Grip (4.1875")

4.1875" EVA Foam rear grip for split-grip handles. Fits flush against the rear OD of standard size 16 & 17 trigger seats. Available in 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" inside diameter.
$2.21 to $2.95

EVA Rear Grips for SK2 Casting Reel Seats KGRS370

The forward tenon on this rear grip is designed to mount your favorite Fuji SK2 casting reel seat.

Tapered Cork Foregrip - 3" Super Grade

3" Super Grade tapered foregrip. 0.250" ID.

FGS2RC Cork Foregrip with Rubberized Cork

Features tough rubberized cork for years of wear.
Length 2", ID .250"

X-CAMO Cork Grips

Green camo | Foregrips, rear grips and split-grips | For spinning and casting rods
$8.95 to $20.50

3.5-inch Rear Grip for Fuji SK2 Casting Seat

These rear split-grips are designed to mount directly onto the new Fuji SK2 casting reel seats. 3.5" in length, available in your choice of EVA foam or super-grade cork.
$3.00 to $6.50

EVA Rear Grips for MINIMA Reel Seats KGRC390

Designed to sit flush against any Pacific Bay Minima casting or spinning reel seat.