Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Rod Butts

Do you throw & troll huge baits for giant saltwater game fish? Then you came to the right place! For you big game offshore anglers, we carry a wide selection of brand name straight, adjustable and curved aluminum butts for offshore saltwater fishing applications, including butts from AFTCO, American Tackle, Stuart, Alutecnos and Pacific Bay.

15 Products

15 Products

AFTCO Unibutts

Curved or straight models for rods 4 lb. to 130 lb. class.
$101.00 to $240.00

AFTCO Ferrules

Machined ferrules. "O" Ring seal keeps moisture out and prevents corrosion. | Fits Unibutts & Storabutts
$9.00 to $20.00

American Tackle Complete Aluminum Butt

American Tackle Complete Saltwater Aluminum Butt
$87.63 to $230.38

AFTCO Collet Nuts

Machined aluminum and anodized. Teflon lubricant on threads for easy removal. | Fits Unibutts/Storabutts
$7.00 to $11.00

AFTCO Storabutt® Removable Butt System

Curved or straight models for 50-lb. to 130-lb. class rods.
$151.00 to $343.00

AFTCO Storabutt® [Butt Only]

This is the handle section of AFTCO's two-piece Storabutt® system
$71.00 to $213.00

Pac Bay Permalign Heavy Duty Trolling Butts

3 New Color Options | Anodized Aluminum | For rods up to 130lb. +
$86.99 to $182.99

Winthrop Tackle Collet Nut

For Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt | 2 Sizes | Black, Gold or Silver
$15.00 to $20.00

Winthrop Tackle Ferrule

For Winthrop Terminator Adjusta-Butt | 2 Sizes | 2 Colors
$7.50 to $20.00

Winthrop Tackle Terminator Adjusta-Butt

Adjustable butt. Straight and bent configurations with just a button. | 3 color combinations
$350.00 to $385.00

AFTCO Storabutt® [Reel Seat Only]

This is the reel seat section of AFTCO's two-piece Storabutt® system
$80.00 to $130.00

AB1 Carbon Fiber Trolling Butts

Carbon Fiber | Black, Gold or Silver trim | Straight or Curved butt
$450.00 to $600.00

Winthrop T10-X Adjustable Aluminum Butt

Size 4 or 6 | Black or Silver | Adjustable from 0-90° in 10° increments | Detachable for easy storage and cleaning

Winthrop Tackle EPIC Aluminum Butt

For 30-80 lb. class rods | 18" Length | 3 Colors | Blank-through design 
$85.95 to $99.95

Pac Bay Permalign Ferrule & Nut

4 Sizes | 3 Colors
$15.99 to $18.99