Bait Casting Reel Seats

Browse our wide selection of top brand name casting reel seats including Fuji, AFTCO, Pacific Bay, American Tackle, and REC for all your custom rod building projects. Whether you are flipping for largemouth bass, casting large shiners, or trolling the banks for giant game fish, there is a casting reel seat that will be ideal for your freshwater or saltwater application.

45 Products

45 Products

CRB Color Series Casting Seat

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Sale ends Thursday, Dec 3.
12 Colors! | Size 16mm | Black or Frosted Silver Hoods
$8.24 $10.99

CRB Graphite Casting Seat GEC2

Sizes 16mm | Locking or Hidden thread hood
$6.99 to $7.09

CRB Graphite Casting Seat GEC3

Sizes 16mm | Locking or Hidden thread hood
$7.59 to $7.69

CRB Nub Trigger Casting Seat NTR

Size 16mm | Black, Silver or Gunsmoke hoods
$5.59 to $5.99

CRB Skeleton Casting Seat CXO

CRB Premium Skeleton Casting | Size 16 | Available in Black, Silver or Gunsmoke hood
$6.69 to $6.99

Fuji ACS Trigger Reel Seat

Size 16 & 17 | 9.5mm to 17mm ID | 3 Hood Colors
$6.15 to $8.39

ECSM Graphite Blank-Exposed Reel Seat

Blank-Exposed Reel Seat | 9.5mm - 15mm ID | 3 Colors
$4.65 to $6.39

CRB Premium Graphite Casting Reel Seats

Sizes 16-18mm | Black, Frosted Silver, Gold or Gunsmoke Hoods
$4.59 to $5.69

SCRSD Deluxe Graphite Casting Reel Seat

Deluxe Graphite Casting Reel Seat w/ Trigger Grip
$5.70 to $10.25

Fuji Standard Trigger Reel Seats TCSM

The TCSM is the Standard version of the TCSSD featuring the same smooth, fully molded trigger for maximum comfort.
$5.39 to $6.69

Fuji Deluxe Trigger Reel Seats TCSSD

The TCSSD is a Deluxe seat featuring a smooth profile, fully molded trigger for maximum comfort and Fuji’s deluxe hood with trim band and gold foil logo.
$7.49 to $7.99

Fuji Standard Trigger Seats TDPSM

The TDPSM is the standard version of Fuji’s Deluxe TDPSSD, offering the good looks of this reel seat model at an economical price.
$6.39 to $8.25

Graphite Exposed-Blank Reel Seats

Graphite Blank-Exposed Casting Reel Seats
$3.49 to $4.25 $4.76

SPEC OPS Digital Camo Casting Reel Seats

16mm deluxe graphite trigger seat | Digital Camo hydroprinted

X-CAMO Trigger Casting Reel Seats

16mm or 17mm trigger seat | Black Hood | X-CAMO hydroprinted
$13.75 to $13.90 $18.49

Fuji PMTS Micro-Trigger Casting Seat

4 Hood Configurations | Size 17
$9.79 to $13.70

Fuji PULS Palm Support Reel Seat

4 Hood Configurations | Size 17
$9.79 to $13.70

Fuji SKTS Split Casting Reel Seat, Custom Painted

Popular Fuji SK2 Casting Reel Seat now custom painted! | Size 16mm | 6 Stunning Color Choices