AFTCO Saltwater Fishing Accessories

Saltwater fishermen have long relied on AFTCO saltwater fishing accessories because they are consistently dependable and always high performance. All AFTCO saltwater accessories utilize only the finest materials perfect for each application, and each product is tested to meet their high performance standards.

5 Products

5 Products

Wire Max Fishing Gloves

The ultimate saltwater fishing glove for leadering big fish.

Release Fishing Gloves

Ideal for leadering monofilament, grabbing the bill of a marlin, or just getting a grip on anything slippery.

Short Pump Fishing Glove

Fingerless, versatile gloves. Half-fingers protect hands, yet allow for enough "feel" to rig baits & tie knots.

Short Pump Long Range Fishing Gloves

Made for long range fishing & braided-line. Index/middle fingers, & thumb longer for max protection.
$26.00 $26.95

Utility Fishing Gloves

All-purpose fishing glove, with excellent tactility and dexterity.