American Tackle Grips & Handles

American Tackle makes high quality fishing rod grips and handles for a wide variety of applications - including; Fly Rod Cork Grips (Full Wells, Reversed Half Wells, Cigar Grips and More), Spin/Cast Cork Grips (Straight/Tapered Cork Rear Grips & Foregrips), EVA Foam Grips (Foam Grips for Freshwater and Saltwater Rods), as well as Cork Tape, Flocked Tubing and more!

82 Products

82 Products

Rubber Winding Checks

Durable black rubber winding checks. Trim pieces for smooth transitions between grips and rod blank.

EVA Foam Foregrips

Shaped EVA Foregrips Black
$1.09 to $9.07

Rubber/Vinyl Butt Caps

These rubber/vinyl butt caps are flexible and very durable. Ribbed inner walls act as a glue reservoir during installation.
$0.95 to $1.76

EVA Foam Grips (Tapered)

4" to 13" Length | 0.250" to 1" ID | 1.1" to 1.4" OD
$1.85 to $6.07

Rubber Butt Plug

Rubber Butt Plug | Available in 1/4", 3/8" and 9/16" ID

EVA Foam Rear Grips (Straight)

6", 10" or 14" Length | 0.500" to 1" ID | 1.38" OD
$2.72 to $6.76

EVA Foam Grips (Straight Tapered)

EVA foam grips with tapered end for smooth transition to blank. Useful as both foregrips and rear grips. Black.
$1.84 to $7.02

AWC Aluminum Winding Checks

Knurled aluminum winding checks. Ideal for Fly, spin and cast rods. | Gunsmoke anodized finish | 14 Sizes

EVA Foam Rear Grips

Shaped EVA Rear Grips Black
$2.11 to $5.20

American Tackle Aluminum Gimbals

Machined marine aluminum gimbals with polished edges. | 4 Sizes | 8 Colors
$9.07 to $12.28

Nylon Graphite Gimbals

Nylon and Graphite Gimbals Black
$1.69 to $2.09

EVA Surf Grips

EVA trim used in conjunction with cork tape to make traditional surf rod grips. | 3 Sizes | Sold individually
$1.36 $3.19

Tapered EVA Butt Caps

EVA Tapered Butt
$2.08 to $2.40

EVA & Composite Cork Fighting Butt Cap

Fighting butt cap for split-grips. Available in either EVA foam or Composite Cork material. 1.18" x .75" ID x 1.3" OD.
$1.79 to $4.97

RBC Door Knob Style Butt Caps

Black rubber butt caps in door knob shape for comfort.
$2.40 to $2.48

EVA Foam Butt Caps

EVA Foam Straight Butt Cap
$1.85 $1.89

SPG35 EVA Split Grips with Tenon for Trigger Seat

EVA Foam rear grip for split-grip handles, 3.9" total length with tenon for trigger seats. Available in 3 IDs: 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8".
$1.27 $1.65

Rubber Crutch Butt Cap

Rubber Crutch Butt Caps
$2.25 to $3.09

Straight EVA Grips (Small O.D.)

12" or 14" Lengths | Also available as a 12" shim for slick butts | 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" IDs
$3.81 to $6.76

SPG165 EVA Split Grips with Tenon for Butt Cap

EVA Foam butt grip for split-grip handles, 2.3" total length with tenon. Available in 3 IDs: 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8".

Nylon Smooth Butt

$7.80 to $11.84

Diamond Wrap

Metallic Silver and Gold. Fast, easy and beautiful way to dress up a rod. Sold per foot.
$1.91 to $3.61

American Tackle Rubber Gimbals

19mm or 22mm ID | 1.75" Length