Custom Rod Builder (CRB) Tools

The Custom Rod Builder (CRB) brand is all about providing custom rod builders with the professional grade tools they need, at prices even new rod builders could appreciate. CRB provides a full line of rod building tools including inlay jigs, magnifiers, spine finders, epoxy mixers, and specialty tools for measuring, cutting and finishing.

57 Products

57 Products

CRB Deluxe Handle Clamp

Holds your handle assembly tightly in place while you wait for the epoxy to dry | 4 locking discs to accommodate most rod blank diameters

CRB Cork Ring Holder & Base Combo Kit

Great value! This cork ring and base greatly increases your reaming efficiency, accuracy and speed!
$12.95 $14.90

CRB Deflection Tool

Compare the Action and Power of rod blanks with the Wall Mounted Deflection Tool by CRB

CRB Precision Utility Knife

5 anodized colors | 11 surgically sharpened blades included | Deeply knurled handle | Safety cover

Replacement Blades for CRB Utility Knife

Surgically-sharpened | 10 per package

CRB Marbling Tray [5 pcs.]

Perfect for applying your artistic touch | Includes 5 trays
$4.95 $9.75