Custom Rod Builder (CRB) Supplies

The Custom Rod Builder (CRB) brand has been the premier source of affordable, functional and innovative tools for years. CRB set out to produce a series of supplies that would provide rod builders with professional grade supplies, at a price new rod builders could afford. From arbor tape to disposable brushes and marbling, CRB has you covered!

30 Products

30 Products

Polyurethane Arbors

Lightweight | Super sensitive | Machined to fit common reel seat sizes | The perfect mounting shim for reel seats size 16-24
$1.95 to $2.95

CRB Color Coded Syringe Set

3cc or 10cc sizes | Reusable | The Perfect Tool for a 50/50 Mix
$2.25 to $2.49

CRB Guide Foot Adhesive

Guide Foot Adhesive - 1/2" x 4" Stick

CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser

CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser makes easy work of securing guides and making reel seat arbors. It can hold up to three different rolls of different width tape at one time.

CRB Advance Polymer Tip & Ferrule Cement

New and Improved Formula | Perfect for installing Tip Tops on all styles of fishing rods

CRB Pearl Metallic Powder Marbling Pigment

3 gram jar | Non-toxic | Pearlescent, two-tone and metallic colors

Finishing Kit with Epoxy Mixer

This finishing kit includes an electric epoxy mixer, 4 oz. of ProKote, and all the brushes, mixing sticks and supplies you will need to finish many future rod builds. Great opportunity to stock up and save!
$83.99 $89.20

CRB Marbling Pigment (1oz)

Use with Rod Finish for tinting, marbling, and more. Mix & Match for unlimited options. | 9 Pigment Colors
$9.49 to $12.39

1 oz. Mixing Cups (100 pk.)

1 oz. mixing cups for mixing multi-part finish & epoxy. Sold by the 100.

RBS Rolling Triple Tape Dispenser

CRB 3 roll tape dispenser for the RBS Aluminum Track

Mixing Cups & Sticks (10 pack)

Includes (10) 1 oz. mixing cups and (10) mixing sticks

CRB Mixing Sticks (100 Pack)

100 Pack of disposable mixing sticks

2.5 oz. Mixing Cups (125 pk.)

Great for mixing two-part rod finish, paste epoxy, and more. | Pack of 125

Single Edge Razor Blades - Box of 10

Box of 10 | High carbon surgical steel | Perfect for cutting Nylon & Metallic threads
$1.19 $1.49

Single Edge Razor Blades - Box of 100

Box of 100 straight-edge razor blades.
$9.45 $10.50

CRB Marbling Pigment Kit (5 Colors)

5 highly concentrated pigments: black, blue, red, white and yellow
$32.95 $34.75

Carpenter's Wood Glue (8oz)

Glues up cork rings. Grabs fast but can be repositioned. Easy water cleanup, safe and non-toxic. | 8 oz.

8" Cork Ring Ties

Use these cork ring ties to secure cork wedges together while the glue cures. | 8" Ties | Pack of 25

CRB Marbling Pigment Kit 2 (9 Colors)

9 highly concentrated pigments: black, blue, green, light blue, orange, red, violet, white and yellow
$59.95 $62.55

5-Inch Mixing Spatula Sticks (12 Pack)

5" spatula-style disposable mixing sticks, ideal for carefully folding paste epoxies during mixing. 12 per package.

Fiberglass Mesh Tape, 300ft. Roll

Great for reel seat mounting, dragon scale wraps, and more. Adhesive backed. | 2" wide x 300'

CRB EVA Inlay Strips

12" x 3" sheet | 3mm or 6mm thickness
$1.25 to $1.50