Fuji Fishing Grips & Rod Building Handles

Fuji is not just a high end manufacturer of fishing guides and reel seats - they also make a fantastic line of grips and handles for freshwater and saltwater fishing applications. Choose from a wide variety of cork, rubberized cork, and EVA materials for preformed grips, split-grip handles, and a huge selection of fighting butt ends. Check them out for your next rod build!

29 Products

29 Products

Fuji Tapered Rubber Caps

Fuji Tapered Rubber Caps
$2.29 to $4.59

Fuji Rubber Gimbal Butt Caps, Model GRC

Rubber gimbal butt cap, available in two sizes. 19mm (.75") or 22mm (.866").

Butt Grip for Fuji Split Grip SK2 Reel Seats BGKSC

Cork or EVA Foam | 0.250" ID | 1.625" Length | 0.500" OD
$2.09 to $4.19

Contoured Foregrip for Fuji VSS Spinning Reel Seat

Your choice of cork or EVA foam, available to fit 16mm and 17mm VSS spinning seats.
$3.90 to $9.95

Foregrip for Fuji SK2 Hood and Nut KSKSS16 & KSKSS17

16mm or 17mm | 4 Color Options
$2.85 to $5.59

Fuji EVA Butt Cap

EVA Butt Cap 19mm I.D./27mm Length

Rear Grip for Fuji® SK2 Casting Seat

Your choice of cork or EVA foam, available to fit 16mm and 17mm SK2 Casting Body models SKTS16 and SKTS17.
$3.99 to $6.99

Fuji® Fighting Butt for SK2 Seats

Cork and EVA foam fighting butts match Fuji SK2 split reel seat. Fits virtually all split-grip setups.
$2.29 to $5.29

Fuji Decorative Graphite Gimbals

Deep Channel | Silver Trim Ring | 2 Sizes
$5.19 to $5.79

Fuji Rubber Butt Cap, Model ERC

Available in 20 or 23mm ID. 10mm length.

FGS2RC Cork Foregrip with Rubberized Cork

Features tough rubberized cork for years of wear.
Length 2", ID .250"

BGS65RC Split-Grip Butt Grip with Rubberized Cork

Long cork fighting butt with tough rubberized cork composite fore and aft trim.

Rubberized Cork Butt Cap for VSS17 Cork Grip

Rubberized Cork butt cap for use with Fuji VSS17 cork grip.

RGK Rear Split-Grip with Rubberized Cork for Fuji SK2 Spinning Reel Seat

These grips are designed to accept Fuji’s SK2 Spinning Reel Seats SKSS16 and SKSS17 for split grip design projects. Features tough ribberized cork fore and aft for years of wear.
$2.09 to $5.59

Fuji Gimbal Protective Butt Caps

Fuji Gimbal Protective Butt Caps
$2.79 to $4.89

Foregrip for Fuji KDPS Hood and Nut

Your choice of cork or EVA foam, available to fit 16mm and 17mm KDPS hood and nut.
$2.99 to $6.99

BGV Rear Spinning Grip for Fuji VSS Reel Seat

Shaped rear spinning grip designed to fit 16mm and 17mm VSS spinning seats. | Cork or EVA
$5.29 to $16.79

Fuji® "Nubbin" Foregrip for SK2 Spin Seat

Fuji's cork or EVA foregrips designed to match SK2 split reel seat. Tenoned fit for size 16 or 17 SK2 seat.
$2.29 to $3.89

FGH Foregrip for HPS - Cork or EVA

Foregrips designed to fit Fuji's HPS reel seat's extended barrel. | Cork or EVA | 2 Sizes | 2-5/8" Length
$2.79 to $5.19

Fuji EWBC Weighted Butt Cap

Designed to counterbalance rod weight through removable washers.

Fuji Quick-Lock Spinning Handle Kit with Cork Grips

Spinning Handle w/ Fuji Quick Lock Foregrip

BGS25C Cork Rear Grip Adapter

Grade A cork adapter, matches up flush with Fuji's "IPS" quick-lock series reel seats. 2 1/2" length.

Fuji® VSSM Spinning Handle Kit

Spinning handle with cork grips and Fuji VSSM seat in your choice of size 16 or 17.
$29.89 to $30.70

BGV1615C Rear Spinning Grip for Fuji VSSM1615 Reel Seat

Shaped rear spinning grip specially designed to fit 15mm ID VSSM1615 spinning seats. | Length: 9.35" |