Fuji Reel Seats For Custom Rod Building

Fuji produces a series of high quality reel seats for rod builders to choose from. Their Graphite series provide a lightweight reel seat for a wide variety of spinning and casting solution for freshwater and saltwater applications. Fuji also offers the SK2 Split Reel Seat, which is 54% lighter than other conventional seats.

58 Products

58 Products

Fuji Standard Graphite Spinning Reel Seat DPSM

Fuji's most popular and versatile reel seat for spinning or casting. | 7 Sizes | 3 Hood Colors
$5.39 to $9.79

Fuji Deluxe Graphite Spinning Reel Seat DPSD

Popular spinning seat with Fuji's exclusive padded metal hoods. | 7 Sizes | 2 Hood Colors
$8.09 to $12.15

Fuji ACS Trigger Reel Seat

Size 16 & 17 | 9.5mm to 17mm ID | 3 Hood Colors
$6.15 to $8.39

ECSM Graphite Blank-Exposed Reel Seat

Blank-Exposed Reel Seat | 9.5mm - 15mm ID | 3 Colors
$4.65 to $6.39

Fuji Graphite Arbors

Fuji Graphite Reel Seat Arbor Black

KDPS Quick-Lock Reel Seat Locking Nut

Use with cork or EVA grip material to create a reel seat locking nut hidden beneath your rod's foregrip.
$4.69 to $6.39

Fuji Heavy Graphite Reel Seat DPSH

Strength for big reels with oversized nylon/graphite collars & hoods built for the rigors of fishing charters.
$10.19 to $13.29

Fuji Standard Trigger Reel Seats TCSM

The TCSM is the Standard version of the TCSSD featuring the same smooth, fully molded trigger for maximum comfort.
$5.39 to $6.69

Fuji VSS Standard Versatile Spinning Reel Seat

Size 16, 16-15 & 17 | Black, Gunsmoke or Frosted Silver Hoods
$5.95 to $7.77

Fuji Ergonomic Spinning Seat NPS

Slim profile, ergonomic spinning seat with sleek shape and style. | 3 Sizes | 3 Hood Colors
$5.25 to $7.15

Fuji Deluxe Trigger Reel Seats TCSSD

The TCSSD is a Deluxe seat featuring a smooth profile, fully molded trigger for maximum comfort and Fuji’s deluxe hood with trim band and gold foil logo.
$7.49 to $7.99

Fuji Threaded Barrel for SK2 Hoods SKPSN

Graphite threaded barrel for SK2 spinning and casting seats. Available in 16mm and 17mm sizes.

Fuji FS6 Plate-Type Reel Seat

Chrome finish | Accepts reel foot up to 2-3/4" | 5-3/8" in Overall Length

Fuji Standard Trigger Seats TDPSM

The TDPSM is the standard version of Fuji’s Deluxe TDPSSD, offering the good looks of this reel seat model at an economical price.
$6.39 to $8.25

Fuji SK2 Graphite Hood with Graphite Nut SKSS

Graphite locking nut for SK2 spinning and casting seats. Graphite hood. Available in size 16 and 17.
$5.89 to $6.29

Fuji SK2 Spinning Body SKSS

Graphite spinning body for Fuji SK2 reel seat. Available in 16mm and 17mm sizes.
$2.79 to $3.05

DNPSD Deluxe Ergonomic Spinning Seat

Ergonomically slim profile spinning seat with sleek style. | 3 Sizes | Frosted Silver Hood Finish
$6.89 to $7.65

Fuji SK2 Graphite Hood for BGKS Foregrip KSKSS

Graphite locking nut for SK2 spinning & casting seats. Fits inside BGKS foregrips. | Size 16 or 17
$6.45 to $6.70

Fuji VSS Deluxe Versatile Spinning Reel Seat

The new Versatile Spinning Reel Seat designed by Fuji®, improves overall strength and performance over standard reel seats and can be used with a much wider range of reels.
$7.99 to $8.75