Pacific Bay Rod Building Products

Pacific Bay makes all the rod building accessories you need, including end caps, fighting butt ends, epoxy and glue, epoxy mixers, and graphite arbors. For over 25 years PacBay has endeavored to become a leading supplier of rod building products for the sports fishing industry, and have become a trusted brand for rod builders.

14 Products

14 Products

Rubber/Vinyl Winding Checks

Durable Rubber/Vinyl Compound. Winding checks for seamless transitions between rod blanks and grips.

Single Foot Hook Keepers

A great hook keeper for securing a hook and bait away from the blank | 4 color finishes
$0.99 to $2.29

F2M Fighting Butt

Fighting Butt Cork Body

Rubber Butt Plug - Size 18

BP-18 Butt Plug Fits all size 18 Reel Seats

FBC Fighting Butt Cap

Fighting Butt Cap

Original 4-Spool Thread Carriage for Power Wrappers

4-spool thread carriage with single tensioner. Compatible with American Tackle and Pacific Bay power wrappers.

Metal Slat Connectors for 32" Power Wrapper Base Extension

For American Tackle and Pacific Bay Power Wrappers | Fits newer, 3-piece bases only

Rubber Replacement Jaws For Deluxe Chuck

6-Piece Rubber Replacement Jaws For Deluxe Chuck.

Power Wrapper Tool Rest

This product was developed to answer the needs of rod builders that make their own cork grip by gluing individual cork rings. These grips then need to be turned on a lathe to be concentric.


Power Wrapper Tail Stock

The tail stock turns your Pac Bay or American Tackle Power Wrapper into a lathe for custom cork and EVA handle turning.

F2 Fighting Butt

Fighting Butt Cork Body

F5 Fighting Butt

Fits A5, A6, A8, 3UL and #16 graphite reel seats | 5" Length | Cork body | EVA trim | Aluminum hardware

Rodsmith Quad Rod Drying Machine

The Pacific Bay quad drying machine allows you to rotate up to 4 rods at a time with its four 6 RPM motors.
$157.99 to $159.99

Pac Bay OmniArbors

Use to easily & effectively mount reel seats on rod blanks. | Arbor Sizes: 16 - 20 mm