Pacific Bay Reel Seats For Rod Building

Pacific Bay makes a wide variety of spinning and casting reel seats for just about any freshwater and saltwater fishing application. PacBay also offers unique designs like a trigger grip with a secondary trigger, split reel seats, and exposed blank-through designs that eliminate the need to build up an arbor.

30 Products

30 Products

Full-Length Graphite Arbors

Full length reel seat arbors. Standard I.D. can be reamed to larger sizes to fit a wide array of blank diameters.
$2.49 to $6.99

Graphite Arbors

Standard I.D. can be reamed to larger sizes to fit a wide array of blank diameters and are a standard 25.4mm (1") long.
$1.09 to $2.09

Graphite Spinning Reel Seats

Graphite/nylon cushion insulates reel feet, preventing electrolytic corrosion. TiCH-Nickel Alloy plating process over stainless steel hoods to match the color of our TiCH coated guides.
$5.49 to $10.29

Channel Lock Reel Seats with Aluminum Hoods

Featuring the same channel design as our all aluminum Channel Lock reel seats. Graphite body material makes the reel seats ideal for light weight sure-fit applications.
$11.19 to $12.99

Graphite Low-Profile Casting Reel Seat

Graphite Low Profile Casting Trigger Reel Seats
With Centered Bore
$5.19 to $6.19

Graphite Exposed-Blank Reel Seats

Graphite Blank-Exposed Casting Reel Seats
$3.49 to $4.25 $4.76

Channel Lock Fly Reel Seats

4 color options | Machined from marine-grade aluminum | Fixed hood fits standard fly grip cutouts
$1.99 to $22.09

CL17 Channel Lock Reel Seat With Contoured Resin Insert

This new reel seat features CL17 hardware with a contoured insert for comfort. The insert features a pleasing carbon pattern water decal with clear coat for durability.

A8L2 Machined Fly Reel Seat Skeleton

Comes with 2 locking nuts. Can use end cap A8CAP, rubber end plug BP16, or fighting butts F2M, F2 and F5. Includes: 1 ea. threaded barrel, fixed hood and sliding hood. 2 ea. locking nut. Unassembled.

A7 Fly Reel Seats [Woven Graphite]

Machined Fly Reel Seat - Model AWG7C Woven Graphite Insert

A5 Fly Seat End Cap

Uplocking Dynawood Fly Seat A5 Cap

A5 Uplocking Reel Seat Skeleton

Uplocking Dynawood Fly Seat - Model A5 Skeleton Components Only
$7.99 to $9.99

A7 Fly Reel Seat Skeleton

Machined Fly Reel Seat - Model A7SKC Aluminum Skeleton Components

A5 Fly Reel Seat [Rosewood]

Uplocking Dynawood Fly Seat - Model A5 Rose Dynawood Insert

Pac Bay Permalign Heavy Duty Trolling Butts

3 New Color Options | Anodized Aluminum | For rods up to 130lb. +
$86.99 to $182.99

A7 Fly Reel Seat [Rosewood]

Machined Fly Reel Seat - Model AR7C Rose Dynawood Insert