Fishing Rod Hook Keepers

Sometimes the slightest details can make or break the end result of your rod building project. When selecting a hook keeper, keep in mind one size does not fit all applications. Are you using it for small jigs, or for large spinnerbaits and worm hooks? Also keep in mind that our selection includes a variety of colors and materials for you to choose from.

16 Products

16 Products

CRB Deluxe Hook Keeper Assortment Kit DHK-AST

All of our most popular hook keepers in one kit | 90 total hook keepers per set | Free storage case
$167.54 $197.10

CRB Drop Shot Hook Keeper Assortment Kit DSHK-AST

Black, Silver, Gold, and Gunsmoke in one kit | 10 pcs. per color | 40 total hook keepers | Free storage case
$100.30 $118.00

CRB Standard Hook Keeper Assortment Kit SHK-AST

Black and Chrome in one kit | Small and Large sizes | 40 total hook keepers per set | Free storage case
$33.66 $39.60

CRB Arrow Drop Shot Hook Keeper

Arrow shaped hanger is excellent for housing smaller hooks, weights, and baits.

CRB XL Drop Shot Hook Keeper

Extra-large profile quickly stores and protects a range of larger hooks, plastics, and weights!

American Tackle Deluxe Hook Keepers HKD

4 Color Options | Small or Large | Anodized Stainless Steel
$1.82 to $4.33

Large Hook Keepers

Classic look | Stainless Steel construction | Projects 0.250" from blank | 5 color options
$0.99 to $1.49

Small Hook Keepers

Classic look | Stainless Steel construction | Projects 0.200" from blank | 5 color options
$0.99 to $1.49

Dropshot Hook Keeper

Open hook hanger allows for quick, convenient hook storage. No need to remove baits or dull hooks.

Fuji EZ Keeper II

Handy fold-away design with cam-lock action. No thread wraps needed. Reposition with ease. | 5 Colors

Loop Style Hook Keepers

Stainless steel "loop style" hook keepers | Wind-on | Available in Silver, Gold and Black
$0.95 to $1.05

Single Foot Hook Keepers

A great hook keeper for securing a hook and bait away from the blank | 4 color finishes
$0.99 to $2.29

Fuji Stainless Folding Hook Keeper

Polished Stainless or Black Chrome | Easily folds away | Holds hooks up to #6

Antiquated British Hook Keepers

Mint hook keepers | 3 styles available: small bronze, large bronze and large chrome.

S2 Series Hook Keepers - Deluxe Double Foot Small

4 Color Options | Double foot for added security | Same design as the large HKD deluxe hook keeper but smaller in overall size | Anodized stainless steel or TiON titanium
$1.82 to $3.41